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April 16th, 2006

Been up since 8 am doing … laundry. Fun, right? When we moved here I thought the convenience of having a washer and dryer in our place would allow me to do laundry whenever I felt like it, but I’ve found that I still save it all up for the weekends. In my defense, there’s only two of us, so if I did loads during the week, I’d probably have the same number of loads to do at the end of the week, only they’d be smaller, so what’s the point?

Anyway, Spring has finally come to Chi-Town! Friday we bought some flowers and Joe planted them in pots yesterday for the patio. We even had the windows open all day which was a nice change. I love the smell of the outdoors, at least when the neighbor isn’t sucking on their cancer stick, that is.

We also got the fluffiest, softest bath towels (in Lavender Frost) at Kohl’s. They normally sell for $19.99 each but were on sale for $9.99 each, plus I had a 15% off coupon. I am in love with these towels. I could live in them, I swear. I also wanted a new pair of sandals but couldn’t make a decision on the two pairs I liked, both Skechers. The one with the strap at the ankle was more comfortable, but I felt like it could keep slipping down while I walked, which would be really annoying. So instead I ended up with a white pair of Keds. I couldn’t believe how comfy they are! They are made from microfiber and are really cushy inside. I still need a black pair of sandals, though. I was almost going to get brown ones, since I don’t own any brown shoes, but black shoes would better match my outfits and even though I currently own more shoes that I ever have in my life, I don’t want to go insane.

Last week when we had Joe’s son birthday party, we spent some time outdoors even though it was on the chilly side because we had bought him a bike. He really wanted one, so Joe was teaching him how to ride. Joe’s daughter kept bragging how she doesn’t want a bike or want to learn how to ride one. Is that cool nowadays to not have a bike? Every kid, including myself, had one growing up. It was weird. She did say she wants one of those Razor scooters, but she said she wants it for Christmas and not her birthday, which doesn’t make any sense since she’d get more use out of it getting it for her birthday since it’s in August. Apparently she’d rather have yet another GBA game which we’ve already decided she’s not getting from us. So a scooter it is, but I hope she’s not expecting the motorized one because a) it costs too much and b) she could use the exercise. Plus I honestly can’t see her using it very much at all. She’s just not very athletic like her brother. She’d rather sit in front of her computer all day or watch tv. Gee, that sounds like me, actually, but I’m an adult. As a kid I got more exercise than any of the kids nowadays do. God that makes me feel old. ;)

Anyway, one thing she had outside with her was a jump rope. Admittedly, not a good one, although I was able to teach her how to anticipate when to jump since she kept tripping herself. It made me miss grammar school and playing double-dutch. Did any of you do that in school? It might be a black thing because it was usually the black girls who always played double dutch. The white girls would try, but we didn’t have the same coordination. I loved it, though. It was very exhilarating to play, not to mention challenging. And I guess they even have leauges now. Cool.

Going to my parents’ in a bit to celebrate Easter, although like my boss’ boss likes to say, I am a recovering Catholic. Happy Easter to all who celebrate!

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  1. April 17th, 2006 at 10:43 | #1

    Wow, the kids still want RAZR Scooters? Cool. That’s a fad that has stuck around much longer than I ever thought it would.

    Spring has been great so far in Chicago. Minus yesterday, of course. I wish we could’ve had a nicer Easter Sunday for the sake of an egg hunt. As it stands, though, we simply threw eggs to each other across the room and kept whatever we opened.

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