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Clothes, games, and things

May 13th, 2006

Other than an argument with my brother, Friday was a nice day despite the shitty weather (damn it is cold for being May). We took advantage of having the day off by running some errands. Our first stop was the Secretary of State office to renew my license plate sticker. Man, the lady who took care of me couldn’t have been more unfriendly. In fact, not a person working there looked the least bit happy. What is the deal with that? You’d think those people would be thankful they have a (local) government job since they typically pay much better than average. I know I would. Are the “customers” that nasty that these people can’t smile to the ones who are friendly? I think the word of the month is going to be hostile, since I’ve been sensing a lot of hostility in people as of late. Maybe it’s the whole change in seasons, I don’t know.

I decided the other day that come hell or high water I was getting some new clothes. It’s difficult for me to shop for clothes because I hate trying stuff on. I usually grab as many things as possible to take to the dressing room since after one round of trying things on I’m done. We hit a bunch of stores in the mall and I ended up with three new shirts and two necklaces. No pants like I was hoping though. I even tried on a pair of jeans in the same size and style I already own and even those didn’t fit properly, so I give up for now. It’s just too damn frustrating. I guess I’m going to have to work off these hips so I can fit into pants that don’t have lycra in them.

It started getting crowded in the mall around lunchtime (I was surprised at how many school-aged kids were there), so we left and grabbed McDonald’s for lunch (I had a salad) and a movie from Blockbuster. After watching some trash tv (Jerry Springer, People’s Court), we went upstairs and worked out while watching two episodes from Season 2 of 24. After working out for an hour, we brought the dvd downstairs and watched two more episodes, making it a total of four episodes watched back to back. I love that show! We have Season 1 too, but we didn’t get it until after Season 2, so we’re not really watching in order, but oh well, it’s still very interesting. We’re even getting pretty good at predicting who the bad guys are and what’s going to happen. It’s a lot of fun!

After our mini 24 marathon, we watched the movie we rented, Melinda and Melinda. Man, that was bad, no wonder I had never heard of it. I guess I should have picked up Just For Laughs instead but I was afraid all the material would be stuff I’ve seen before on Comedy Central. I wasn’t expecting the movie to suck so much since one of my favorite actors, Will Ferrell, is in it, but I’ve come to find I don’t really care for Woody Allen films at all.

Good things that came in the mail recently:
My $75 check from the magazine that published my photos.
An old school board game, Aggravation, that we won on ebay for the game night I’m hosting. (It smells like old people, but that’s ok!)

Oh and we also bought this trivia game at Target the other night. Not sure how good it is, but for $10 I don’t care. I’m sure Joe will kick my ass at it anyway since he’s the pop culture king.

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  1. Jenniyb
    May 13th, 2006 at 21:55 | #1

    I’d hate to have a job that worked with customers, so I can understand not loving it, but either pretend or find a new one! They’re not doing themselves any favors, being unfriendly or outright rude to a customer automatically means the customer will treat them the same way.

    Oddly enough the last time Scott and I went to the DMV to get our license plates taken care of we got an incredibly nice, friendly, and helpful guy. We each had several things we needed done so it took quite a while but the guy was great. It was quite a surprise and much appreciated.

  2. kapgar
    May 15th, 2006 at 14:13 | #2

    Now you must watch all of 24 in its entirety from beginning to end. It’s the only way. By the time you’re done, if you take your time, season 5 will be out on DVD.

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