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I don’t have a title for this

July 23rd, 2006

We went to Target yesterday to get some groceries but they were running on emergency generators due to a power outage. They weren’t closed, but it was very dark inside and rather eerie. I wish I had brought my camera: it was like a crime scene with yellow tape sectioning off the frozen and refrigerated foods to keep customers away in an attempt to stop the food from spoiling. We ended up leaving because most of the stuff we really needed fell into that category.

Since I was leery about going back to Target (who knows if any of the food started to spoil but was kept on the shelves), we went to Meijer this morning. Whenever we go there, we end up spending over an hour inside. We lucked out and finally got Joe’s daughter’s scooter for her upcoming birthday. She wanted any color but red and for weeks now we’ve been checking Target and all they had was red ones. The one we got, the only one left, is black, plus the checkout girl used a coupon from their Sunday ad for $6 off. Awesome!

Meijer has a pretty decent pet section so I was checking out their pet supplies because I still might end up buying a free-standing wheel and den for Peanut if she continues hiding all the time. I also like looking at the hamsters they sell. Surprisingly, they were all awake and running around. There was a really cute female who looked just like Peanut, just a much darker grey. She had light colored fur around her eyes. Soooo cute. Too bad you can’t house Syrian hamsters together (they will end up killing one another), I might have bought her otherwise.

We also grabbed some stuff we know the kids like to eat. I have all the dinners planned out for this coming week (they are staying with us from Tuesday through Sunday) and enough beefaroni, soup, and tv dinners for lunches too. So Joe should be all set (he’s off and I’m working). The girl wants spaghetti this week so we’re using the opportunity to teach her to be less of a picky eater. I am making spaghetti on Saturday night only if she doesn’t give us a hard time with meals during the week. Hopefully that will go well!

Joe washed my car inside and out and waxed it too while I balanced the checkbook. I feel very productive. I need to start getting up earlier on the weekends all the time. We were up at 8 am today and it felt good to get things done early. While I cherish my sleep, it’s the worst feeling waking up at noon and realizing half your day off has been wasted in bed. The day seems to last longer when you get up earlier too.

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  1. July 24th, 2006 at 08:13 | #1

    When we got our first hamsters my parents bought my brother and I each one of our own. Unfortunately the pet store didn’t tell my parents not to let them live in the same cage and we think my brother’s hamster wouldn’t let mine eat and he starved :( It only took a couple days so it was really quick and we didn’t know what was happening until he was unresponsive.

    We moved him to a seperate cage but it was too late and after talking to the store about it that’s when we learned what happened. It was really sad, especially since I was like 8 at the time, and there was a LOT of crying over a dead hamster that day. My dad even came home from work early because I was so upset. But we learned our lesson and only had one hamster from then on.

  2. July 25th, 2006 at 07:37 | #2

    Thanks for coming over and commenting! I’ve started catching up on your site and like it very much… look forward to more! Would like to link you when I get a chance, if that’s okay?

    Hamsters – I had a male and female when I was in junior high. Henry and Matilda. I kept them separated tho, ’cause Matilda was so mean to Henry all the time. Ended up my mom made me give them away… :(

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