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Random musings

February 25th, 2007

Friday afternoon I got a call from Joe. He was at SuperTarget and couldn’t find the frozen fish aisle. Of course he found it just as I answered the phone! I thought it was cute how much he depends on me for the little things.

This morning I was blow-drying my hair when I heard a loud pop and the dryer started squealing. It scared the living shit out of me! I immediately unplugged it in fear it would catch fire. Then I went to SuperTarget and bought this replacement. Actually I bought a Revlon hair-dryer at K-Mart first, but the one from Target was cheaper, smaller, and the brand I always buy, so I’m taking the other one back.

While at Target I saw cannibalistic Peeps!

One of my new favorite shows is The L Word. I just started watching a few weeks ago and set up a series recording on the DVR in case I liked it. I’m not too fond of the girl on girl action (or any kissing scenes, hetero or otherwise for that matter), but other than that it’s a very interesting show. Now I have three seasons to catch up on!

Lego Star Wars II is not meant to be played on the DS. Take it from me: it’s one of those games that reminds you just how small the screen really is. I’m excited because the new game, Diddy Kong Racing DS, is on its way from Game Crazy. It looks like a more fun version of Mario Kart DS. I hope so!

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