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24: The last two EPs

March 6th, 2007

Assad is dead and that sucks. He was a cool character.

Jack is in more trouble. What’s with him and consulates? And is he a total moron all of a sudden? Or is this keeping in line with the whole “I don’t know how to do this anymore” crap? Why did he walk straight toward the door as if he was going to stroll right out of there? “Kill the American” it said on next week’s preview. It would be something if Jack was killed this season. They keep it up with this boring plot and I won’t care so much. This season isn’t doing it for me.

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  1. March 6th, 2007 at 20:41 | #1

    Considering the trouble the writers claim they’ve had coming up with ideas for this season, it wouldn’t surprise me if they end the show after this “day.”

    Katie thinks that the door was the only way out and that Jack had resigned himself to being captured. With the intent of escaping yet again like he always does. Heh.

  2. March 7th, 2007 at 14:21 | #2

    My husband went on a long tirade at dinner last night about everything wrong with this season. I don’t disagree, but am somewhat in denial.

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