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Fridays after work are the best

March 17th, 2007

Yesterday Joe took the day off work. I could not because I’m already behind thanks to this audit we were under all last week and much of this past week.

One of the many things I like about Joe is I don’t have to nag him to get things done around the house. In fact, it was his idea to use some of the day to remove the water softener in the laundry room. Soon after we moved in we were bypassing it because you cannot wash shampoo out of your hair with it running. Honestly, it’s terrible. The water feels slimy and disgusting so we stopped using it. It’s been in the way of completing the new flooring and paint job in the laundry room too, so he spent a few hours yesterday morning removing it. I must say I’m impressed how he soldered the joints of the new piping together. It looks good! Plus I did laundry last night and there weren’t any leaks. Way to go, Joe! He also vacuumed which was nice. Then he watched tv until I got home because he was bored. Too cute.

After work we ran out to return Let’s Go To Prison (it was ok) and finally got a copy of Flushed Away. Of course it would be available the weekend we don’t have the kids. We’ve only been looking since it was released! We might have to make a copy (shhh) so they can watch it next weekend. I almost bought it at Target last week but I’m so over buying DVDs at the moment. They just take up too much space and I rarely pull them out and watch them again. Who needs to when they are on the movie channels constantly?

We also hit the produce market which we haven’t been to in forever. I got all sorts of yummy stuff like onions, tomatoes, limes, and lunch-meat. There’s a pizza place next door and once we got a whiff of that we discarded our plans for me to make tacos and went to another pizza place, Lou Malnatis, and ordered a deep dish pizza. We had a half hour wait so we checked out used games at Game Crazy but they didn’t have anything good. Then we bought junk food at Dominick’s. Seriously, how could I ever hope to be as thin as I want when I love food so much? I swear, almost nothing makes me more content than buying food, or bringing home that delicious deep dish pizza. In fact, I think I’m going to finish the leftovers right now. My mouth is watering at the thought.

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