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Mission Unpossible

December 16th, 2007

Today’s missions included getting cases and car hookups for our iPods and the Nintendo DS for my stepson.

I’m sad to say our first mission failed and the second one nearly did as well.

We hit Walmart after dropping the kids off and looked at their iPod accessories but were hesitant to buy anything since we planned on visiting the Apple store. That visit, however, was a bust. I have to say I was disappointed in their selection and surprised they didn’t have more to offer. None of the cases struck my fancy and all the car kits were around $80. Who would have thought Walmart would have a cheaper and better selection? I will be going back later this week to get the car kit so I can kiss my CDs goodbye. :)

After the Apple store we headed to Target with intentions to get the boy’s DS, except they were completely out of stock. When we got home I started checking other stores and everyone was out of stock as well and had no idea when more units were coming in. Panic started to hit. “We waited too long,” I bemoaned to Joe. But Joe, always my hero, thought to check Toys R Us. We rarely shop there so I had completely forgotten about it. After calling to confirm they had the black DS, we raced over, and collectively breathed a sigh of relief once we had it in our hands. Could you imagine how fucked up it would be to give the boy two DS games and no DS? (We had gotten Lego Star Wars and Pokemon Pearl at Target).

I don’t even want talk about the Nintendo Wii. I’m supposed to get one for my parents but I can’t find any. The girl at Toys R Us said they usually get them in on Sundays but warned us that people line up outside the store between 3-4 am. I love my parents but there’s no way in hell I’m doing that. They will have to get a rain-check I guess.

At least we’re completely done with the kids’ gifts. I ordered the girl a $75 Discover gift card today and included the message – “for the girl who doesn’t know what she wants (except an iPod) :)”. We thought that was funny.

  1. Jenniyb
    December 16th, 2007 at 21:39 | #1

    I’m so glad you found the Nintendo for the boy!

    Scott is having an issue with my big gift. From what he tells me, he ordered it three weeks ago, and last Friday the store called him and said one was in and it would be saved for him. The next day he goes to the store to pick it up, only to find that they sold it to someone else. He’s really pissed because it took so long for that one to come in, he’s afraid that although the manager assured him they would get one before the end of this week, that one won’t come.

    I’m SO curious about what he bought me. He said it’s at the mall, and it doubled the budget we set for each others gifts. The only thing expensive I asked for what for him to have a necklace my Grandparents made for me reset in white gold. Obviously the store can’t sell MY necklace to someone else, so I have absolutely no clue what he possibly could have bought for me.

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