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iPod love and Christmas with the kids

December 28th, 2007

I am really loving my iPod much more than I imagined. Every night I add more music to it (I’m up to 960+ songs) and listen for a half hour before going to sleep. I bought a cassette connection for the car recently too. I originally got an FM transmitter but it totally sucked. I could not find a suitable station that didn’t require me to turn up the sound full volume, and even then I’d hear my music only faintly with tons of static. I can’t imagine with the all the FM transmitters on the market that none of them work but I didn’t have any good luck with mine.

Today I discovered the world of Podcasts and downloaded one from The State of Trance, a show I used to listen to on my XM satellite radio. There are also podcasts from Dane Cook! I feel like a kid in a candy store right now.

Today was our Christmas with the kids. I was worried they’d be waiting forever for me to get home so they could open their presents because it was snowing pretty good most of the day, but they shut down the office an hour early and by that time it had stopped coming down and the streets were just wet. In fact, I didn’t slide at all until I tried to get in the driveway (don’t get me started on how every frickin time it snows our driveway is nearly the last one cleared).

On the way home I stopped at Boston Market to pick up a Fall Feast – a whole chicken, 3 large sides, cornbread, and a salad. I got two sides of mashed potatoes since the kids go nuts over them, but ironically, the boy didn’t care for theirs. I didn’t either, to tell the truth. But the chicken was good, as was the mac and cheese and cornbread. Both kids loved the chicken which surprised me since it’s infused with garlic. We never go to Boston Market with them because last time they were very unhappy with the menu, but that was years ago and I think we’ve turned them around now.

After dinner it was present time! We left the two big presents for last for the biggest impact. The kids’ reactions didn’t disappoint. Just as I predicted, the boy literally screamed in joy when he opened his DS, and then proceeded to hug it. LMAO! He kept saying he felt like he was dreaming. The girl isn’t quite as vocal, but she was beaming. It was nice to see them so pleased with their gifts.

Tomorrow we’re going shopping, mostly so the girl can get a case for her iPod. The boy already owns two cases designed specifically for the DS that his grandmother bought him awhile back (don’t ask, because I don’t get it either).

Immediately after opening their gifts, the girl began calculating how much money she had from Joe’s side of the family and whether it was enough to buy a DS for herself (it is, and then some). We’re feeling a little torn about that since we usually allow the kids to spend the cash Joe’s parents sends and put the rest of their money in the bank. After all, they just got showered in gifts. But I know she really wants a DS too even if she wanted the iPod more. I could tell by the way she kept asking the boy if she could look at it. The problem is in order to be fair we’d also have to allow the boy to spend his money and he really doesn’t need any more stuff. We always feel conflicted in these situations between wanting the kids to be happy but making sure they aren’t spoiled rotten. Although frankly I don’t think that would happen because they are really good kids. I notice it most when we’re out in public or around other kids in some manner. They don’t run around acting like fools or being loud and obnoxious like some kids. So yea, we’ll probably give in and let them blow the money. When you come right down to it, I am a softy no matter what I may lead you to believe. ;)

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  1. December 29th, 2007 at 06:40 | #1

    It’s fun to read about your iPod experiences and observations! :-) Congrats on your new computer, too. I was surprised you didn’t have USB 2.0 before this computer. That’s a huge upgrade, right there. I can’t imagine loading your iPod before the new computer was any fun.

    Those FM transmitters have seemed like a good idea, but never good in practical application. I have borrowed and tried three different ones from my friends, and I don’t think there’s ever been one ever made that’s any good – too quiet, too much static, too much hassle all around.

    Welcome to the world of podcasts! I’m way into them – lots of cool stuff being covered these days. Where did you discover podcasts?

    The day I got my first iPod, it completely changed my relationship with music. I am looking forward to reading your experiences as your use yours more and more.

  2. December 29th, 2007 at 08:59 | #2

    Ha HA! We caught you in the iPod fold! Welcome! There’s no turning back!

  3. December 29th, 2007 at 22:47 | #3

    Paul W. » I’ve always known about podcasts but never fully understood their appeal until I was visiting a trance website and realized podcasts would be the perfect way to keep on top of new music now that I no longer have satellite radio.

    kapgar » Why, thank you. I wouldn’t want to turn back, this is way too much fun.

  4. December 30th, 2007 at 06:13 | #4

    Ah, yes. Podcasts are great for finding out about new music. I subscribe to several for just that reason – mostly new indie stuff, though.

  5. December 31st, 2007 at 18:01 | #5

    Eric accidentally gave me the DS accessory pack first to open! I squealed and said, “Oh! I got it!” He said, “D’oh! I guess I shouldn’t have given you that first.”

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