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Dusting off the bikes

April 20th, 2008

The kids’ mother picked them up this morning so we were able to get our Sunday morning grocery shopping done even earlier than usual.

After lunch, I suggested we go for a bike ride since it was, and still is, a beautiful day. We found a park by the library and biked along that path but I quickly became annoyed with the stupid woman who wouldn’t move over even an inch each time we’d come to the same point in the path. Seriously, that is the rudest thing I’ve ever seen. We were going in opposite directions, so she could clearly see us coming. She was walking three people across the path with her dog and refused to even try and move over. She’d just look at us and keep coming, so we had to go off the path in the grass each time. Unbelievable! It’s people like her who ruin the fun of biking on these paths.

We ended up taking the bikes to this reservoir where the people had better path etiquette than that douche. I estimate between the two paths we probably biked 5-6 miles which isn’t a ton, but was a good workout after being sedentary for so long. When we got home I was still feeling energized so we played catch for awhile. Now Joe is exhausted, but I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve been trying to get in at least 15 minutes of exercise every day with the focus being getting healthier physically and mentally. I noticed if I’m feeling depressed and I work out I almost immediately feel better mentally so that alone is motivation to keep it up. The forecast is looking good for the week so I’m hoping to get in more time outside after work too.

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