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Kohl’s dressing room fun

June 22nd, 2008

We ended up at Kohl’s not once, but twice this week.

I was in the dressing room during the first visit when the lady in the stall next to mine body-slammed the wall when she lost her balance. I had to cover my mouth to keep her from hearing me laughing.

A few days later I was once again in the dressing room when the woman in the stall next to me was complaining how all the pants are designed for woman who don’t have hips. “Barbie dolls” is what she called them. It took all my will power not to yell out, “I hear ya!” to her ranting, which was directed to her significant other standing outside the dressing room area. I’ve only been able to find properly fitted pants since I lost enough weight that my hips are more proportioned to my waist, although they are still larger and make finding pants that don’t leave a huge gap in the back challenging.

Oh and we stripped one of the mannequins on our second trip. I wanted to exchange a top for a larger size and the only one that was left in my size was on a model, so we left her shirtless and took off with the top. I was going to redress her with a different size but Joe thought it was funnier to leave her topless. I should have taken a picture.

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