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Package Debacle Solved

December 26th, 2008

Joe ran into the next door neighbor at the mailboxes today and found out that our mail carrier did indeed put them in our neighbor’s box by mistake. The neighbor explained he ran into the mail carrier on Tuesday and the mail carrier asked him whether he had our packages, so the neighbor ran home and sure enough, he did. He gets a lot of packages so he hadn’t even noticed.

Isn’t that exactly what I thought probably happened? And that explains why our packages didn’t turn up Monday night. I guess I should be thankful the mail carrier bothered to ask, otherwise who knows when our neighbor might have discovered the mistake. I’m still miffed about how rude the carrier was, though. Not to mention the fact that he showed up at the mail boxes just as Joe and the neighbor had finished their conversation and didn’t say a word to Joe. He could have apologized, but he didn’t.

In other news, we got a huge 30 gallon storage tote for our Christmas decorations at Target today. This is our fifth one for Christmas. Gotta stop buying stuff I guess. I finally wised up and used a permanent marker to assign a number to each tote and then recorded what I put inside in a nifty Excel spreadsheet. No more guessing games come next year. I can tell Joe, “Go get me tote # 1” with confidence.

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