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June 3rd, 2009

While we were off work we managed to get rid of two things taking up a decent amount of space in the garage – my old damaged rims from my Jetta (which are 5 years old) and Joe’s motorcycle.

We posted both on Craigslist but the rims didn’t garner any interest so we ended up taking them to a recycling center and got some money for them.

Only five minutes after posting his motorcycle on Craigslist, Joe had a few e-mails. The person who e-mailed him first ended up buying it the next day. We almost sold it to a dealership a few months ago but their offer was far less than it was worth so I’m glad we held off on that.

It’s so nice to get to some stuff in the garage that used to require me climbing over the motorcycle. Part of me will miss it since when we were first dating I got to ride on the back of it a few times. But mostly we’re both happy to see it go. Joe hasn’t ridden it in years so it was just getting in the way. Now we have to decide if we want to fill the empty space with a deep freeze or not. I’m kinda enjoying having less stuff in our lives and I’m not sure I want to buy anything new right now unless it’s cute and furry. ;)

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