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Dolphins, toads, and tigers, oh my!

June 21st, 2010

While I wait for iPhone OS4 to download so I can get the fancy multi-tasking and folders, among other things, on my 3GS, I figure I might as well post an update. If I had been paying attention earlier, I’d already have the new OS installed, but I thought it wasn’t coming out until the 24th so shame on me. Anyway…

Pacific White-Sided Dolphin

On June 6th we finally visited the Shedd Aquarium to check out the “new and improved” Oceanarium. Let me just state for the record that I’m glad we took advantage of Bank of American’s “Museums on Us” program to get in free because I was severely disappointed. I didn’t notice much of a change other than the addition of a few kid play areas in the underwater viewing section and a new snack bar (as if the relatively small Shedd really needed another one). There’s a big section behind the seating area for the Fantasea show that is nearly empty; there’s only one tank with a few sea dragons in it (which are very cool). I just don’t know why they can’t add some cool exhibits in there like they used to have. I think next time we go to that part of the city we’ll visit the Planetarium or Museum of Natural History instead.


Last weekend when Joe and E were at the pool they found a toad stuck in the skimmer and brought it home since they know how much I love toads. I wasn’t planning on keeping it, but after feeding it some mealworms I figured I might as well, so now she has her own little habitat where Oreo’s cage used to be. She’s a pretty cool pet; I wouldn’t mind getting some fire-bellied toads at some point too, but I’m not sure they can be kept together so we’ll see.


This past weekend started on Friday with a drive to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. First we stopped in Kenosha for breakfast, then made our way to Milwaukee Zoo where I got some of the best tiger photos I’ve ever taken! Leaving the zoo it suddenly dawned on me that my favorite hoodie was missing. I called the place where we had breakfast, and sure enough I had left it there, 45 minutes away. So instead of heading to Miller Brewery for a tour we had to drive back to Kenosha to get my hoodie before the restaurant staff closed up for the day. We hit some traffic, but luckily they were still there cleaning up when we arrived and I was reunited with my beloved hoodie. I just want to make it clear that I’m losing my mind lately (probably due to work stress) because I never ever ever leave stuff in public places. I mean EVER.

All was not lost with our unintended detour, however, because we stumbled upon a really cute lakeside area of Kenosha complete with a lighthouse and free museum which we plan to explore during a return trip soon. In addition, instead of heading back to the expressway, we followed a route along the Lake Michigan up to Milwaukee, passing through Racine Wisconsin which I found out also has a cute little zoo. Joe’s not keen on the idea of returning to the area (it did seem pretty run-down), but I’ll change his mind. The zoo is right on the lake which is really cool and I definitely want to check it out.

Aziz Ansari

We arrived in Milwaukee after stopping at McDonald’s for ice cream (gotta love those 49¢ cones) around 4 pm and decided to scope out where the Pabst Theater was located and grab our will-call tickets for Aziz Ansari’s show at 7 pm. The original plan was to grab the tickets and then find a place to eat but that crazy storm that was hitting Chicago earlier decided to make an appearance and the wind started whipping around something fierce, so we took shelter in the underground parking garage beneath the theater and waited out the storm inside the lobby area that separates the Pabst from a place called The Rev as well as The InterContinental Hotel. Since the rain wasn’t really letting up we ended up running to the closest restaurant across the street, a little chinese place. The food was pretty good and the service was phenomenal so it worked out in the end.

The Pabst Theater is beautiful inside, by the way. I hear it’s cooler than The Vic in Chicago, although I wouldn’t know from personal experience since I’ve never been there. We weren’t supposed to take pictures, but they didn’t check for cameras, so I had mine on me and grabbed a quick snap of the ceiling once we found our seats. We were pretty close to the stage which was cool, and I got a few pics of Aziz as well. He was really funny. I’ve liked him ever since his brief stint on the “new” Scrubs. His mannerisms are what crack me up the most.

After the show we decided to head back home. We had contemplated staying overnight but it seemed like a waste since we planned on going to Brickworld (Lego convention) the next morning anyway. The drive home wasn’t horrible, but there were some scary parts where the rain was coming down really hard; people were pulling off the highway onto the shoulder at some points. I nearly had an anxiety attack and was so happy to get home. Interestingly enough our cable, phone and internet were all working that night but were completely out the next day until mid afternoon.

Saturday was interesting because I decided I didn’t feel like going to Brickworld after all (we’ll go next year) so we decided to have a lazy day instead. First we went out for tacos at a local Mexican dive where we got to listen to three twenty-somethings, mostly one guy, just talk and talk and talk at a table near us. The stuff that was coming out of this drunk guy’s mouth was just hilarious. He was complimenting his friend, Katie (he only said her name a million times so how could I forget), regarding how smart she is/was. Her response? “I was the first person hired on the spot at Dairy Queen”. LOL! Way to aim high Katie. Heehee. Seriously, that was the best thing I heard all week.

After lunch we went to the pool for a couple of hours which was at least an hour too long and now I am sun burned like I haven’t been sun burned since I was a kid! I totally blame Joe for that even though I’m an adult and should know better. My legs are so red and it hurts like a bitch but at least my face is ok!

After the pool we went to the store and decided to buy tequila and mix so we could make margaritas. And what goes best with margaritas? Tacos, of course, so we went back to the same Mexican dive and ordered steak tacos to go. We also grabbed a movie at Blockbuster – Shutter Island that wasn’t really all that great until the last fifteen minutes.

Yesterday we picked up Joe’s son for Father’s Day and took him to my parents house to visit. Don’t even get me started on how his daughter wasn’t available because his ex let her sign up for an event without first checking with him that it would be ok because it’s fricking disrespectful, not to mention a violation of their divorce agreement. And what pisses me off the most is he would have let her go anyway, but no one could be bothered to even ask him; they just assumed they could do whatever they want and not even consider his feelings. It’s not nice at all.

What was nice was seeing my family again since it’s been nearly a year, perhaps even longer, since we’ve gone over there because my mom has been too sick for company. We ate, played games, and just visited for awhile before dropping E off at home (the kids have a house now back in the town they grew up in) and coming home ourselves to crash after our very busy, but fun, weekend.

Shedd Aquarium photos @ Perfect Pixels
Milwaukee Zoo photos @ Perfect Pixels

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