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Racine Zoo & Kenosha Wisconsin

September 12th, 2010


Back in June when we visited Milwaukee, we accidentally stumbled upon Racine Zoo and a cute area of Kenosha right by Lake Michigan, so two weeks ago on a Saturday we made a return trip to check it all out.

First we hit the zoo which is quite small, but has some interesting exhibits, particularly for the giraffes, penguins and meerkats. The parking was free, the admission was reasonable ($6.50), and the place was deserted. A winning combination, really. What’s very interesting about the zoo is that it’s right on the lake in a regular neighborhood. There was a house literally next door to the giraffes. What a view!

After the zoo we headed South to Kenosha where we stopped at a drive-in for lunch. The food was ok. Very cheap, and the drive-in experience was something different. The onion rings were the best I’ve had so I guess there’s something to be said for that.

After lunch we stopped at the Kenosha Public Museum. It’s not very large but it’s free and has a Woolly Mammoth exhibit worth checking out. Next door is a Civil War museum but we didn’t go in. Out back was a farmers market, so we walked around that and then walked down to the lakeshore and took pictures of the lake and pier light.

Kenosha Streetcar

Bordering the area is the Kenosha Streetcar, or what I like to call a cute trolley, which is fifty cents to ride so we rode it the whole loop, then went to a nearby bar for a drink before heading back home.

In all it was a very nice day. I wish I was filthy rich so all days were as enjoyable!

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