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We have ESP

December 1st, 2003

On the way home from the grocery store today, we were waiting in the left turn lane when a truck turned in front of us. On the side it said “Now air ride equipped”. I said, “Whatever that means”, and Joe replied, “Yea, I didn’t get it either”. I replied, “Do you even know what I’m taking about?” He said, “Yea, you were talking about what it said on the side of that truck.” That is just too funny because we both noticed the same thing and he knew what I was talking about. That happens all the time with us too. It’s going to get to the point where all you’ll hear out of us is “Yep, I agree” and “No, I don’t think so”. There won’t be any point in real conversation since we can apparently read each other’s minds now. :)

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