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February 24th, 2004

CD Check I got my check today, did you get yours? I completely forgot that I filed a claim. I don’t buy many cds nowadays because I think today’s music isn’t worth it – there’s a hit single with a bunch of crappy songs for filler and the local Best Buy expects you to pay $15 for it. No thank-you. Bands need to put in more of an effort … like The Cure, who even cares that their b-sides rock. Now that is real music. But I do appreciate the $13.86. Maybe I’ll buy some tacos with the money. ;)

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  1. February 26th, 2004 at 09:41 | #1

    got mine 3 days ago ;-)

  2. February 29th, 2004 at 11:08 | #2

    ~I got my $13.86, thought it would never come actually, but when I did I went to my fav local independent cd/record shop, bout a new cd ($10.00) and spent the rest on a cup of coffee and a NY Times. With some change left over.~

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