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My Birthday

January 8th, 2012

Considering the fact that I worked both days this weekend I still had a nice birthday. Thursday evening Joe surprised me with an early birthday gift – an iPad 2! He really wanted to get me something nice because I’ve been so stressed at work with a recent promotion and last year when I came into some extra money I didn’t buy anything for myself but bought him a PS3. It was really sweet and despite my reservations about the 10″ screen being too large it is actually the perfect size.

He got me the 32 GB version since I had mentioned regretting only getting the 16 GB iPhone. I’m in love. With Joe, of course, but also with my iPad. I knew I wanted to get one eventually but I wasn’t in a hurry. Little did I realize just how much I’d love it since I had described it as nothing more than a oversized iPhone on this very blog. Which it is in so many ways but it’s much more fun to use than I could have anticipated. Not only can I type better and faster on it (I’m typing this entry on it right now), but the apps designed with the iPad in mind are amazing. They are both functional and beautiful. I’m also really digging the multi-tasking gestures to move between apps and whatnot. But I digress…

E is sick so we only had K this weekend. Friday we went out for dinner to our favorite Chinese place since K loves the place as much as we do. Saturday between me doing some work we visited two different malls – one for K so she could look for clothes and I could visit the Apple store for a case for my new toy, and another so I could redeem my free birthday burger from Red Robin where Joe made certain they knew it was a special day for me so that they would sing to me. Talk about embarrassing! My entire face was bright red and my sister in law was there too since she’s visiting from Arizona. Luckily there is no video evidence of the event because Joe didn’t think to record it on his phone until it was too late. Whew!

Between the two mall visits we bought cake mix at Target and K baked me a lemon cake. I thought that was very sweet of her. Later that evening we rented Mr. Popper’s Penguins which was a cute movie. Then I worked some more before going to bed.

This morning a coworker came over for training since I’m transitioning my billing duties to her and moving into a new role. I’m excited because this means I will actually be able to take time off during the beginning of a month which I haven’t been able to do in six years due to my work schedule. In fact Joe and I are already planning a two week trip to the East Coast in early October.

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