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iPad 2 Review

January 12th, 2012

As much as I love my new iPad, it irks me a bit that for the price Apple can’t throw in a pair of headphones or a cloth to keep the screen clean. Even Joe’s Android tablet came with a nice cleaning cloth and it cost half what the iPad did. Not that I’d want anything from Android. I never thought I’d become an Apple fangirl like I have but when something works so well it’s hard not to. Even Joe is starting to feel iPad envy. After reading rumors that the iPad 3 will be announced in just a couple of months I told him I could always upgrade and give him my iPad, hehe.

I’m surprised that so many of the apps I own do not take advantage of the iPads larger screen. No way am I running an app that opens up at the same size of my iPhone screen. All those apps got deleted because choosing to make them 2x bigger makes them look crappy. I found suitable free replacements for most of them anyway.

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