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Weight Loss, Recipes, Broken Toes, and Computers

February 22nd, 2013

My computer is finally back online after having to reinstall Windows a second time within two days. The first time Windows Explorer kept crashing whenever I’d access the Quick Launch toolbar so this time around I didn’t bother setting it up. I’m trying to get used to using the “pin to start menu” option since the end result is essentially the same.

I’ve made it under the 130 lb mark! I actually made it over a week ago but didn’t want to post until I was sure it wasn’t a fluke. I’m down about 5 lbs since leaving my job. I’d like to lose another 10 lbs before pool weather comes around.

I’ve been trying new recipes lately that I find on Pinterest which is my new obsession. I could browse pins for hours! I tried a banana bread recipe yesterday which sucked but today I had success with three new recipes: Nutella brownies, broccoli cheese rice casserole, and cheeseburger macaroni. The brownies are super rich, plus they cost a lot to make from scratch, so I’ll probably stick to the box mixes even though they came out good. The casserole was frickin delicious, and the cheeseburger Mac was really good with a nice spicy kick to it.

I broke my little toe today; the middle one on my left foot. After I was done working out I pulled down my shorts and “kicked” them off, slamming my foot into the dresser in the process. Ouch! I’ve never had a broken bone before but Joe is convinced it’s broken based on how it looks compared to broken toe examples online. All I know is it hurts like hell and makes me limp but it’s not going to stop me from going to IKEA tomorrow because I’ve been looking forward to it and I really need a new garbage can for the master bathroom (the old one cracked in half).

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