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December 2nd, 2004

Walmart.com is on my shit-list at the moment, but I got them back (well, sort of, but it’s not like they care).

A couple of weeks ago, we decided our current entertainment center needed replacing. It’s not that it doesn’t function as needed, it’s just that it is too juvenile for us now. It was perfect for our “bachelor pad”, but I’d like something more adult. I searched online and found a tv stand we both liked at Walmart online. According to the product description, it was also available in some Walmart stores. I decided to try and hunt it down since they wanted $43 in shipping and the item was only $108.

I called a local store to see if they had it in stock, but they said they could only search their system if I had the Walmart item #. Of course, the item # was all zeroes on their site. After much frustrated searching, I found their online customer service number. The representative I spoke with said if the item # wasn’t on the site, she couldn’t help me because that is all she has access to. I asked her with all due respect why she was even there then if she couldn’t provide me any additional information other than what was already on the website. I then asked for a manager. She told me she could get a manager but they would tell me the same thing. I told her that someone somewhere has that item # and I want it. I had no idea why it’s not on their site like it should be, but I wasn’t about to call every store in the tri-state area and wait on hold while they manually searched the shelves for the stand. She put me on hold and when she returned she magically had the number.

I called the local store back with the number and the manager couldn’t find ANY stores that had it in stock. Bummer. I emailed the manufacturer to see if they could guide me to a local store that sells it.

In the meantime, my coworker recommended a local furniture store, so I called them up and they had one left in stock in the back. Apparently the reason why it wasn’t in the Walmart stores is that the model has been discontinued. The local store wanted more money ($130), but we decided to get it anyway.

After work we went over there to purchase it and for the hell of it we asked if they do price matching and they do. We showed the cashier the print-out of Walmart.com’s price, and he hesitated before pointing out that with shipping, the item would cost more. Joe pointed out that they offer the item in the stores too, so that argument didn’t really apply, so the guy gave it to us for the lower price. So with tax, it came to only $117. Score! Now Joe has another weekend project to add to his list: putting it together. ;)

Ironically enough, I got an email back from the manufacturer today recommending the local furniture place we went to last night.

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