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June 3rd, 2016

We ran into a little snafu dealing with WOW so we’re not getting their services for the time being. We called Comcast today, however, to cancel our cable service. Once the rep realized I was serious (I also mentioned we’d be dropping the internet service soon), she gave us an offer that we couldn’t refuse – internet at the same speed we have now and digital economy basic cable for $60 per month for the next 12 months. Internet by itself? $80 per month. Yep, it costs more to NOT have cable. Crazy, huh?

We disconnected the DVR and brought it to the Xfinity store to swap it for a regular cable box. Their stores aim for an Apple Store vibe which is nice.

Xfinity Store

Waiting over 20 minutes just to swap equipment? Not so much.

Once we got home I checked our new channel lineup and it’s barely more than the local channels, plus a few cable channels like the Food and Cartoon Networks, and Comedy Central. No more FX or TBS though.

The great part is that we cut our bill by $50 per month which isn’t chump change. Once we get our DIY home security set up we’ll disconnect that and save an additional $40 per month.

On the way home we stopped at Dunkin Donuts because I wanted to try their new Almond Joy flavored iced coffee and get my free donut for National Donut Day. Why I didn’t ask for decaf is beyond me. Even though I only drank half my coffee I feel terrible. I should know better.

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