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Visiting My Uncle

December 12th, 2016

Friday we decided to celebrate Joe getting a job by going out to lunch at Lonestar Steakhouse. On the expressway I pulled up their website to check the menu and that’s when we learned they are no longer open for lunch. Doh! We then decided to check out Texas Roadhouse instead but when I pulled up their website it was the same story – they don’t open until 4 pm. Clearly the lunch crowd must not be what it used to be with all these places opening for dinner only. I wonder whether our local Lonestar would have stayed in business had they changed their hours years ago. Anyway, we ended up at The Pit Ribhouse in our old neighborhood which was good as always. We can always get steak another time.

After lunch we headed over to my uncle’s house as previously arranged and were there for about two hours. It’s been many years since we’ve been to his place so he has a whole new group of animals verses last time. His late wife worked at a shelter so they’ve always had their own small zoo. His house is on a huge lot complete with a barn (with a horse). He used to have two but one passed away earlier this year. He also has a parrot who has the whole loft to herself, four dogs (a pit bull, pit/Shephard mix, mastiff, and a Pomeranian chihuahua mix) in the main level of the house and three cats, a cockatiel, two finches, and an African Grey parrot in the basement. He also had a squirrel but he passed away recently.

The amount of animals he has would overwhelm the hell out of me, not to mention he is a self-confessed hoarder so even though his house is pretty big it felt crowded which made me feel anxious. I’m glad I’ve reached the point where I’d rather spend money on experiences than just stuff. That’s not to say I don’t buy anything, but the number of knicknacks in that house was off the charts. If you need multiple curio cabinets to hold it then for me it’s too much. Some people love collecting things, however, and as long as they’re happy that’s all that matters but for me personally I couldn’t do it. I’m trying to get rid of some of our possessions as it is.

Anywho, before we took off my uncle gave us some outfits for the puppy. At some point I will torture her by making her wear them.

Puppy Outfits

Once we got home and checked on the puppy we ran back out to run some errands. We ended up at Dairy Queen so I could use my BOGO Blizzard coupon. I got the peppermint Oreo which is awesome! I’ve been nursing it ever since so essentially I’ve gotten four desserts out of one large Blizzard. We also tried the new Mexican place next door to DQ. Their cheese enchiladas with green sauce are very good but it irked me that they only way to get them was by ordering the $11.99 dinner. Since I don’t care for refried beans and could do without the rice it’s like I paid $4 per enchilada. So even though the food was good and the guy who took care of us was very nice I can’t say we’d go there again.

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