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Patio Door

February 6th, 2017

We’ve been discussing replacing our patio door and even had a couple of window places out to the house for a quote but their prices were ridiculous. I’m not paying $3500+.

We cancelled a couple of quotes because we were done with all the bullshit and sitting through presentations only to be quoted a price way higher than what we want to spend. One guy absolutely refused to give us a price without a presentation so we decided to forgo the whole process.

We went to Menards on Sunday and they said a vinyl version (made by Jeld-Wen no less) of our same door would be $1000. Now we just have to figure out whether to pay someone to install it or have Joe do it himself. Somehow I doubt the doors these companies were trying to sell us are 2-4x better than what Menards sells. Maybe they are a little nicer but I think they just mark up the price and/or charge a ton for labor. The whole thing is a ripoff if you ask me.

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