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May 23rd, 2005

The United States Postal Service is holding the Scrubs DVD set I ordered on Wednesday hostage. The place I ordered it from is 10 miles away, but because I selected the free 5-10 business day delivery, they are going to make sure I don’t get it for at least the 5 day minimum. You just know it’s sitting at the post office down the street right now when it could be in my hands.

I have to go to the dreaded DMV on Friday because we realized today that my license plate registration expires this month. For whatever reason, the DMV did not send me a renewal notice. They sent Joe one, however, and his doesn’t expire until next month. Of course, they sent it to the old address. Why? Who knows? You’d think the same database where they store your driver’s license address information would also use that address for your registration, but I guess it doesn’t. Because that would make sense and we don’t want the Department of Motor Vehicles actually doing something right for a change.

We’ve been renting Season 1 of Dead Like Me from Blockbuster over the past month and we’ve made it to Volume 4, which is the last few episodes of the season. Every time we visit BB, which is at least once a week, we check for it but it is NEVER there. Finally today we asked the guy ringing us up when it’s due back, and he told us they don’t carry it. When we pointed out that they have Volumes 1-3, he said it was probably stolen. Joe suggested they take the box for Volume 4 off the shelves, but you could tell from this dingbat’s response that he really didn’t care and won’t do anything about it. So much for customer service. The least he could have done was pretend to care. Now I have to call all the other nearby BBs to find this disc. If it wasn’t for the fact that I never pay for rentals (thank you, Discover card), I’d sign up for Netflix.

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