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Doggie Eggstravaganza & Easter Weekend

April 17th, 2017

Saturday (4/15) we met up with my friend K and her dog Teddy at Wilder Park in Elmhurst to attend their dog event that included an egg hunt, parade, etc. There was a kids’ egg hunt at 10 am with the dog event scheduled for 10:30 am. Street parking was completely full so we parked in the nearby college lot just a block from the park. I texted the location to K and with incredible timing she pulled into a spot just behind us in the lot.

By the time we made it to the specific location of the egg hunt it was just starting (two minutes early, according to our phones) so we missed out on that, although this nice woman each gave us one of her eggs which was filled with little dog treats. Immediately after the “hunt”, which lasted all of a minute, maybe two, they announced the winner of the costume contest. This was very confusing since the event supposedly just started not five minutes beforehand. If there was in fact a dog parade I have no idea where that was either. In addition, by the time we made it over to the sponsor tents most of them were either out of treats or packing up already to leave. It was very strange and I can’t help but think they started early and we were the only ones who didn’t know about it.

All that aside, it was still fun to see all the dogs and let Wookie socialize. She was pretty good with the dogs but not so much with people who all wanted to pet her because she’s so cute. We met a British man and his daughter who had two Yorkies from the same litter and spoke to them for awhile and then later on we met a woman and her boyfriend/husband (not sure which) with their cute Shih Tzu mix named Parker. She and I spoke at length about dog stuff. I gave her Wookie’s Instagram info and she started following her which is cool. I think it would be nice if we could someday get back together for a puppy play date but I’m not sure whether I should pursue that or not. Her little guy did like Wookie, though, even though she was pretty aloof toward him.

After most of the dogs were gone we went to Hamburger Heaven for lunch before parting ways. Joe and I dropped Wookie off at home, went to Costco for a few things, and I baked some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and made my homemade mac & cheese in preparation for Sunday.

Sunday morning (4/16) I tackled baking brownies and a carrot cake. I love love love the cake but every time I make it I remember why I only do so once a year – it’s very time consuming! It took even longer than normal this time around because Wookie threw up bile and afterwards kept coughing every so often like something was caught in her throat and I was very concerned. She did it multiple times in the morning and early afternoon but then it went away so I’m not sure what was going on. I’m a hypochondriac enough when it comes to my own health issues – I really don’t need her to have any since she can’t tell me what’s wrong. I checked around the house to see if anything was out that she could have gotten into but nothing looked out of place so I don’t know what the deal was. I had to check upstairs too since I decided earlier in the week to teach her how to use the stairs and she took to it after only one attempt! Had I known I would have waited a little longer to introduce them to her since now she takes every opportunity to run up them! She’s almost seven months old now so I wanted to ensure she wouldn’t be scared of stairs. Guess I shouldn’t have worried about that at all!

E let Joe know that he had a job interview at McDonald’s Sunday afternoon so he and his sister and ES arrived just after 3 pm instead of between 2-3 as originally planned. K brought homemade cookies which made Joe and I was excited until she later said they were leftovers that she had originally baked for the kids she takes care of at her job. *Sigh* I don’t think the kids realize that admitting they are “re-gifting” is hurtful. It would be nice if they actually brought us a gift that they specifically picked out and/or made for us instead of us being the afterthought. Maybe one day.

Anyway, other than that we had a nice holiday. Everyone enjoyed their Easter baskets, including Wookie (Joe and I exchanged ours earlier that morning).

E's Easter Basket

K's Easter Basket

Joe's Easter Basket

Nicole's Easter Basket

Wookie's Easter Basket

After dinner we played a few games of Aggravation; it was cute how K suggested we play a few minutes before E also brought it up. Around 8 pm the kids left because E’s allergies were acting up and he was doing the driving. It was nice to spend the actual holiday with family even though I was exhausted by the time they left. I overdid it on the socialization this weekend and I feel like shit today even though I slept until 8 am.

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