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Red Robin Shenanigans

September 1st, 2020

Saturday (8/29) we went to Red Robin for lunch. We had to drive out to the one in Warrenville since the one by us in the mall is temporarily closed. The food was actually pretty good, albeit not fun to eat in the car (still not comfortable eating inside restaurants), but it would have been very cold if we took it home to eat. The way we were charged is suspect, though. I submitted feedback through their site, posing as Joe, since this all occurred on his account:

My wife and I ordered curbside recently so I could redeem my free birthday burger. I ordered the mushroom swiss and she got the banzai. We also ordered the chocolate fruffles.

The initial total over the phone sounded accurate ($20+), but at the car they told us it was only $12.63 which seemed odd. After we paid we looked at the receipt and we noticed my burger was free (as expected), and hers was a discounted price ($4.52). We didn’t understand why, but thought maybe there was some special going on. I logged into my Red Royalty account later that day to see the restaurant not only redeemed my birthday burger but my free 10th item. Except it wasn’t free! We were charged for it, just not regular price.

This is very confusing and I would appreciate someone explaining what happened and why we weren’t given the option to save the free item for later if we weren’t going to be given the burger for free. No one told us it was being redeemed and we’d still have to pay a reduced price for the burger.

P.S. We were also disappointed that the chocolate fruffles came with sliced strawberries floating in water instead of the berry ketchup we’ve come to love. Strawberries floating in a liquid isn’t even a suitable replacement and is not berry sauce (as described on your website).

I also attached a screenshot of the redemption info. I would have included the receipt too if you could attach more than one thing.

Red Robin Redemption

Red Robin replied asking for a copy of the receipt so we emailed them a picture. They then apologized and stated (what we already knew) that only one reward could be redeemed at a time and what happened was a mistake. They didn’t address the comments about the chocolate truffles at all. Oh well, I guess they don’t care. They applied a $15 reward to Joe’s account that is good until November 1st. Our local restaurant is still shut down, but maybe if we’re in the area we can grab an appetizer or dessert so we can use it up and then be done with them. Honestly, I prefer Culver’s burgers now anyway. And they’re cheaper!

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