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Puke and squeaks

January 14th, 2006

Today was a lazy Saturday. Joe’s son isn’t feeling well, so he spent most of the day in bed. He also vomited (a lot considering he hadn’t eaten all day) later in the day. Poor kid. I do not do well with puke at all. Thank god I have a husband who takes care of all that stuff.

I’m unhappy to report that my wireless keyboard and mouse will be going back to the store tomorrow. For the second time, no less. The left mouse button has this awful rusty squeak sound that is driving me nuts. I exchanged it once already, but apparently it’s an unpleasant feature of a Logitech product, as evidenced by reviews of their other wireless mice that I found online. It has something to do with how the battery in the mouse pushes against a metal coil inside. If you take the battery out, the squeak goes away, but seeing as how the mouse no longer works, it rather defeats the purpose. Rather than “learning to live it” as was suggested by Joe, I’m going to return it and look at another manufacturer. Surely this can’t be an issue with all wireless mice.

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