July 22nd, 2009

We took the kids to Stratford mall today to try the new glow in the dark miniature golf called GlowGolf. At $30 for four of us (3 adults, 1 child) it was a bit pricey, but it does include 54 holes (there are two 18-hole courses so you get to play one twice) which do not have to all be played immediately. They will stamp your hand if you want to go shopping or grab something to eat and come back.


I do have a complaint about the place – there’s a small area in the front where they have a few booths which encourages parents to sit there while their kids play. Not so bad if the kids are old enough to behave themselves, but certainly not for a five and six year old like the siblings left to their own devices who kept getting in our way. God forbid someone look after their own children in a public place!

Another annoyance was the mom with her two pre-teen sons who kept blazing through the hole behind us and then practically standing on top of us obviously impatient while we were trying to putt. Finally they got tired of waiting (no WAY was I rushing through for their sake) and skipped a hole so they could play ahead of us.

Seriously, I’ve never understood the people who pay good money to play miniature golf and then rush through each hole as if it’s a race to the finish. I’d like my money to last. Call me crazy.

In any case, the place is ok but I doubt we’ll go back. People are just way too annoying, and that was at noon on a Wednesday. I’d hate to see the place on a weekend.

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