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HTC Inspire

February 20th, 2011

Wednesday evening we found ourselves at the mall to take care of a couple of errands – Joe had an appointment at Sears Optical, and I wanted to take my new bracelet to the jewelery store where it was purchased to see whether they could remove a link so it wouldn’t be quite so loose around my wrist. They said they could, for $30, which I think is ridiculous. I’m going to wear it a few more times and if it bugs me too much I might just return it instead. I’m more of a necklace person myself. Speaking of which, the chain broke on my new necklace the second time I wore it so I have to go back there and ask them to replace it. I have another chain just like it from the same store which came with my pretty blue sapphire pendent and that one never broke so I think it was just a fluke.

Directly next door to the jewelry place is a new AT&T store. They used to just have a kiosk but the store is much nicer. We went inside to browse because Joe has been itching to join the 21st century and get a smartphone and he’s eligible for an upgrade in mid-March. He made a beeline right for the new HTC Inspire which I had told him about a few weeks ago before it was released. An employee approached us to help and suggested Joe call AT&T Customer Service to see if they’d allow him to upgrade a little earlier without penalty. Apparently sometimes if you’re within a month they are lenient about it.

Joe called AT&T and they said no problem. Before getting off the phone Joe confirmed, “so you are waiving the $200 early upgrade fee, correct?” and the guy said yes. We walked back into the store and the employee pulled up his account to see they notated the $18 activation fee was waived instead. Seriously? Are people retarded? Joe called back and spent ten minutes on the phone with them before they would notate the account correctly, but eventually everything was worked out and he bought the HTC Inspire for $100, and we also got a package of screen protectors and had the employee put one on since they do such a good job. You should have seen how excited Joe was walking out of the store with his first ever smartphone!

Initially I was jealous because the 4.3″ screen puts the 3.5″ iPhone one to shame, plus I was having new gadget envy because his phone responds faster than mine does to commands, but I think I’m still in love with my iPhone enough that I will wait for the iPhone 5 before I upgrade. I’m sure the faster processor, retina display, and improved battery life will be awesome. There are a few things Apple could learn from Android, however, and one of the big ones is notifications. The iPhone notification system just sucks, but so many people have pointed this out and complained about it that I’d be very surprised if Apple wasn’t already working on it for the next iOS release. They might be slow adding some features but they tend to design them well once they do. I’d also like more personalization options for the phone, the ability to create home screen widgets like the Android offers, and a larger screen too. Someone please tell Steven Jobs to get right on that.

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