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Three (not blind) Mice

May 7th, 2011

You should see the bruise on my left leg – it’s the biggest bruise I’ve ever had. How did I get it? From playing Whirlyball on Thursday during a work function. It was fun, but man am I sore! I knew right away when I smacked my leg against the control stick that it would be bruised but I never would have guessed how much. After that I sat the rest of the games out, but joined in on two games of Lasertron since I have never played before. It was so much fun, but it’s exhausting being out of shape! It’s too bad I bruise so easily or I’d love to play paintball since it’s like lasertag but outdoors.

Today ended up being quite eventful. It didn’t start out that way, though. I slept in until 10 am and then we made belgian waffles with the waffle maker we bought at Target last weekend. After breakfast we ran some errands which included buying crickets at Petsmart for the toad. Somehow we ended up taking home three little mice! Here’s a quick video of them that I put together.

Aren’t they adorable with those oversized ears? They are teeny tiny too! Smaller than the smallest hamster. They were on sale for $5 and since they can be housed together we decided to buy all three. Joe came up with their names since we’re such Big Bang Theory Fans. They’re living in Oreo’s old 20″ long aquarium and they have her old Wodent Wheel, some tubes, and two houses. It’s nice being able to make use out of all that stuff that was sitting in the garage collecting dust.

After pulling the aquarium out of the garage we found ourselves doing some unplanned cleaning and organizing since it was such a mess. We found more stuff to donate to Goodwill (we already donated a bunch of stuff last weekend) and threw away and rearranged a lot. By the time we were finished it was after 5 pm and we were starving since we had completely missed lunch, so we went to Red Robin for dinner and then did our grocery shopping at SuperTarget.

Tomorrow we’re going to IKEA to find a small stand for the toad – we put the mice on top of our CD stand where the toad’s tank was so we need to create a new space for her.

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