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Winston’s Vet Visit

October 12th, 2013

We took Winston to the vet today because he’s been breathing heavily since yesterday. I had to call around this morning looking for a new vet that sees exotic animals since the one we’ve used in the past is no longer around. The new vet was wonderful – she examined Winston thoroughly and prescribed antibiotics for his respiratory infection and medication for the mite infestation he has. The medicine only has to be given once every two weeks and involves dropping the dose on his skin so it will be absorbed. She gave us enough to treat Hershey as well since he probably has mites too. The antibiotics require a twice-daily dose orally which has the potential to be more challenging if Winston loses his appetite (which luckily he hasn’t yet) since it can be added to bread instead of squirting it down his throat.

I spent a lot of time with Winston before our vet visit just letting him lay on me since I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I was worried maybe he was dying since he’s so lethargic but the vet said his heart sounds good so I’m not as worried now. Anything can happen, of course, but I’m glad I addressed it quickly to minimize that possibility.

I really like the new animal clinic – everyone was incredibly nice and friendly. There was a coupon on their website that I was able to use toward the visit so that when all was said and done it only cost $60 instead of the $85 it would have otherwise. It still seems like a lot of money but in the end it’s just money; Winston’s health & comfort is worth it. I just hope he feels better once the medicine starts doing its thing. I hate seeing him so weak.

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