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In a Galaxy Far Far Away

September 5th, 2004

After visiting pretty much every furniture store in the tri-state area over the past few weeks, I have to say that I really hate furniture sales people. They are so pushy and annoying. The ones I hate the most are the ones that will silently follow you around the store. I feel like I’m prey being stalked by a lion. I hate that feeling. It makes me go quickly through the store and then leave.

That being said, we did find a bedroom set we liked at Bay Furniture today. I’m hesitant to purchase it now, even though it would be a special order not due to arrive for eight weeks, because what if something goes wrong and we don’t end up with the house? It’s highly unlikely, but you never know. I wouldn’t want to be stuck with $2000 worth of furniture and nowhere to put it. Furthermore, I just found an identical set on Walmart’s site for even less money. All seven pieces are only $1536 as opposed to a little over $2000. So as long as it remains available in the next two months, we should be ok. If not, I’m sure we’ll find something just as nice elsewhere. Mission-style furniture seems to be very popular and we like it a lot.

We finally told the kids about the townhome this weekend and showed them pictures of the place. The girl was so cute, saying stuff like “that’s a really nice dining room”. LOL! She was especially excited about having her own room and a ‘kids only’ bathroom. The boy didn’t care as much until I mentioned that he’d be able to keep all of Joe’s old Star Wars toys in his closet. That got his attention!

I asked the kids which one of them wanted the Care Bears I collect in their room, and I was surprised when they both said they did. I was pretty sure the girl would think they were too baby-ish. But that’s cool. I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with collecting them all, but I am. I currently own 9 of them, the two most recent additions being Cozy Heart Penguin and Loyal Heart Dog. I grew up with a bunch of Care Bear toys, so maybe it’s some deep-seated need to re-live my childhood.

Oh and speaking of Star Wars, we just found out today while at Walmart that they are re-releasing a bunch of the old toys, like the Millennium Falcon. It looks just like the original one too, which is cool. Joe has the original, but it’s old and dirty. They also have the cool figurine holding cases, and since Joe already has Darth Vader, we were thinking of getting his son the C3-PO one for Christmas so he’d have both.

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  1. craig
    September 9th, 2004 at 17:31 | #1

    Why dont you put it on layaway? That way even if something comes up, you’ve still got what you want.

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