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Stranger Anger

October 11th, 2014

I got screamed at by a lady in the McDonalds drive thru this morning.

They gave Joe the wrong drink so he pulled up and parked to the left side to go back in and get it fixed. About thirty seconds later this lady in a black Mercedes behind us started laying on her horn (while he was still inside), then whipped up next to the car and motioned for me to roll down my window. When I did she started yelling at me saying “you are blocking 20 cars (exaggerate much?) and you NEED to move yours right now”. I made a sweeping gesture toward the empty driver’s seat and replied, “do I look like the driver?” She said some more stuff I don’t recall and then ended her rant with “you’re fucking rude” and I just looked at her backseat with two dogs in it and replied “good thing you don’t have kids in your car with that language”. Haha. 

At that point I was just trying to piss her off further by remaining calm because seriously, what did she expect me to do? Even if he was blocking everyone, which clearly he wasn’t seeing as how she was able to pull up next to our car and then drive off in a huff, what did she hope to accomplish by yelling at ME about it? Ironically, at that point SHE was actually the one blocking everyone! Not to mention swearing at me was rude so there’s more irony for you. I just laughed at the whole thing. I was proud of myself for not letting it upset me. It probably ruined her entire day, though. She needs to relax. 

Just for the record, I do feel bad if where the car was parked made it difficult for others to get around us (although clearly it was possible), but I don’t think that’s the way for someone to handle their frustration. Had she pulled up and nicely pointed out the situation and asked if we could move, I would have felt bad and apologized, but she had to be a raging bitch about it so I returned the favor.

One thing I’ve been trying to change about my mindset is that people who behave rudely aren’t purposely trying to aggravate other people. It helps stop me from getting overly upset about something I can’t control. Unfortunately that woman acted like we deliberately parked there with the intent to piss everyone off. She would do herself a favor by adopting my attitude before she has a heart attack.

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  1. October 13th, 2014 at 14:45 | #1

    These situations are always so comical. Yesterday I was waiting in an intersection for a green light to go straight. The incoming cars had a green arrow and of course some cars ran the red turn light. I was mad because now it was my turn to drive straight but there were cars blocking the road. I threw my arm up in fustration and the guy flipped me off! That doesn’t happen often in utah. I flipped him off too and then honked my car and got real close to hitting him. lol sometimes road rage is fun!

  2. October 15th, 2014 at 17:04 | #2

    It always cracks me up when the person in the wrong flips you off. Not only are they being rude by blocking the intersection but then they are basically telling you to F yourself. Real nice person!

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