Weekend Recap

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Friday 1/13

Slept in until just before 8 am which would have been more restful had I not gone to bed around midnight! I always do that to myself, ugh!

Did some cleaning (vacuumed downstairs, cleaned the laundry room and guest bathroom, dusted downstairs, did some laundry, and emptied the dishwasher), paid some bills, and helped my dad with his computer. That was a frustrating hour and a half because his computer doesn’t like to update Adobe Flash so we ended up downloading Google Chrome but then he forgot his Yahoo Mail password so that took awhile to resolve. But now he should be good and flash will automatically update in the background through Chrome. I don’t know what happened to Firefox but it’s a completely shitty browser these days. I moved to Chrome probably a year ago after Firefox would get incredibly slow for no reason.

Wookie managed to knock the coat rack over and it fell on her but didn’t seem to hit her head. She was sleepy shortly afterwards so out of an abundance of caution I didn’t end up going to the library as planned so I could keep a watchful eye on her just in case. She’s quite the handful but I honestly love her so damn much.

I ended up making a chicken taco soup in the crockpot. I got the idea from Pinterest but didn’t use the exact ingredients in the recipe since I didn’t have them on hand but it still came out quite good.

When Joe got home from work we ran to Dairy Queen for BOGO Blizzards. I got cookie dough and he got Reese’s since they got rid of the Snickers flavor for some reason even though it’s a popular one.

Joe had grabbed a copy of Sully from the library on his way home from work so I finally got to watch it since I didn’t want to before our trip to Arizona. I thought it was done well but even knowing that everyone survived I felt incredibly anxious and teary-eyed during the flight scenes. It was very nice to see everyone come together to help one another once the plane was in the water.

Saturday 1/14

Joe had to work so I slept in until 7:30, started some laundry, and then played with Wookie while catching up on backing up and uploading all the videos I’ve taken over the past few months. I also starting cleaning up my backed up camera roll before I ran out of space.

Joe came home from work around noon so we went out for lunch at Potbelly’s. We haven’t been there in forever even though we always enjoy it. I had the skinny turkey without mayo to reduce some empty calorie consumption and it was still delicious. I wish I had gotten the multigrain bread instead of white but wasn’t sure until I tried Joe’s. Now I’ll know for next time.

Before lunch Joe needed to get gas and while I was waiting in the car I spotted the Petco and asked if we could stop in there to look at dog beds. We actually found one I really liked for $20 which isn’t too bad. I also grabbed a few inexpensive toys.

After lunch I spotted an Office Max and decided to look for a new wallet because I hate regular women’s wallets – they’re huge and never fit in the small section inside purses so I use a business card holder instead. Mine is several years old from Staples which no longer exists by us and is cracked along the top because I tend to overfill it, so I needed a new one. I found a Samsonite one for $10.

We also went to Walmart where we got more dog toys (is this girl spoiled or what?) and Target as well. Here’s Wookie’s loot:

Wookies New Stuff

The bed, purple ring, and red ball are from Petco and the other items are from Walmart. That three pack of balls was a waste even at less than $1 because she destroyed one in less than 10 minutes. It’s too bad because it really kept her occupied.

After dropping off our groceries we went to Aldi and then Nothing Bundt Cakes for my free birthday buntlett. I went with white chocolate raspberry and we also got a lemon one. Then we went across the street to Red Mango since they put 500 points in my account (which is worth $5). I got the Nutella and peanut butter swirl with fresh strawberries. I didn’t fill the cup up even half-way and Joe was teasing me that it wasn’t enough but those kind of places are so expensive that it came to $4.77 anyway so my credit covered it 100%.

After all that running around we came home to relax and play with Wookie. She ended up getting some soft poop on her butt so we had to throw her in the tub. I only wanted to wash her paws and butt but she freaked out running around the tub so much that she got wet all over. Then she was shaking and wouldn’t let us dry her so I let her run around the rat room to air dry. She used to be much better about baths but now that she’s comfortable here she acts like a brat. Hopefully she will calm down as she gets older.

Sunday 1/15

Joe had to work again so I slept until about 8 and then showered, fed and played with Wookie, and went to Savers when it opened at 10 am. Everything was 50% off which drew a decent crowd – there were a bunch of people waiting outside for them to open the doors. I just sat in my car until everyone was inside. I tried on several sweaters and a pair of fleece pajama pants but only bought one sweater for $4. I did, however, come home with not one, but two Vera Bradley wallets. I spotted the wallets when I exited the fitting room and decided to look since the business card holder I got at Office Max turned out not to be large enough to hold all my stuff. When I first came across both wallets I hesitated since I wasn’t sure if they’d work for me (and you can only do an exchange at Savers, not a refund) but both together only cost $4.50 so I figured it was worth the risk.



I absolutely love the brown/purple one! It fits everything I need and I can even zip my phone in there if I need to. As for the other one, I’m using it now to hold all the extra gift cards we have since there’s too many for me to carry around on me all the time.

Joe got off work a little before 11 am so he was home shortly after I got home from Savers. We headed to the mall to look around and I ended up buying a Kipling bag (Pammie is the style name) from Macy’s. It’s black even though it appears as dark brown in the below photo.

Pammie Tote

The store is closing and it was 20% off which means it was still expensive ($111.97 to be exact) but I really needed something bigger for a carry-on when we travel and it fits the bill. The smaller Kipling backpack I had barely fit anything although quality-wise it’s still perfect after four years (got it on our trip to Boston).

We had lunch at Red Robin since I had a free birthday burger on my rewards account. We don’t normally get an appetizer but decided to try their $5 fried pickles which were delicious!


We had the same waitress (Angela) we had last time we ate there who is a big Star Wars fan. I just so happened to be wearing my Star Wars hoodie which she immediately noticed and commented on liking. I was able to use up the small balances on two gift cards and paid the remaining amount due with a new gift card I recently got through Discover.

We browsed Kohl’s after lunch since I have $10 in Kohl’s cash but left empty-handed. We then swung by Costco for a couple of things and I got another set of wool socks since I can never have too many since my older ones have holes in them. Not 100% thrilled with the color combo but they were better than the brown ones they had since I don’t wear much brown.


Our last stop was Office Max for me to return the business card holder. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing and playing with Wookie. We actually went upstairs sometime between 8 and 9 just so we could watch a movie in peace since if Wookie isn’t out playing and can hear us in the living room she starts barking. We finally got around to eating our Nothing Bundt Cakes as well. I still have my Blizzard to tackle at some point. I keep forgetting about it and the fact that we bought a box of Dilly Bars!

Monday 1/16

I got up with Joe at 6 am so my schedule isn’t completely off come Tuesday. I was up around 5 am anyway and couldn’t sleep.

I did some cleaning upstairs including Milo’s cage, ran to the grocery store, and then took Wookie to the vet at 1 pm for more vaccinations (distemper and rabies). I took advantage of her fear of the vet to clip her nails before the vet came in the room since she only sits still on my lap when she’s scared. I also scheduled her spay and microchipping for mid February.

Once we got back around 2 pm I started working on dinner which was Crockpot Thai Peanut Chicken. I hate when recipes state a prep time of 5 minutes when you have to cut up chicken and mix a bunch of ingredients. It’s so misleading. It took me an hour. Granted, I had to defrost the chicken in the microwave first but even so it would not take only 5 minutes to do all that! At least it was tasty, although not so much so that I’d make it again for a very long time.

Wookie has been doing pretty good with her potty pad but tonight she peed all over the rug (more pee than usual) and then peed again in her playpen right outside her crate. I have to wonder if it’s somehow related to the medication she got today. I sure hope so, since having her use the pee pad consistently is nice.

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Weekly Recap – Internet Outage & Left Eye Issues

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My weekly recaps only cover three days because those are the days I work whereas my weekend recaps will be four days.

Tuesday 1/10 – Went to Buona Beef to pick up dinner since I had a birthday coupon for a free sandwich. Didn’t work, however, because I think the emails I get and my app are two different accounts on their site. But the manager gave me the free sandwich anyway and I will need to figure out how to tie the two accounts together. I got the chicken artichoke panini since I wasn’t in the mood for a burger. I didn’t care for it as much as I had hoped. It was way better cold the next day (I only ate half for dinner), though. So if I get it again I’ll have to get it a day before I actually want to eat it. LOL Joe got the avocado jack burger which I tasted and it was really good.

Wednesday 1/11 – My left eye was bugging the crap out of me all morning (dry and blurry even though I had put in a fresh pair of contacts that morning) so when I went home for lunch I switched to my glasses for some relief. Back at work around 2 pm I went to check on Wookie via the webcam we have set up in the kitchen and it was offline. Came home to learn the internet was down and it was a known area outage Comcast was working to resolve. Estimated time to restore service was 8:30 pm and since all our entertainment is internet-based, we watched Lilo & Stitch on DVD. When we went to bed the internet was still down.

Thursday 1/12 – Internet still wasn’t working when we got up so I called Comcast while I got ready for work. They “sent a signal” to the modem and if we hooked it up directly to the computer we’d get service but our router wasn’t giving us any WiFi. The rep gave us a $10 credit for the outage. Tried some more stuff that evening but nothing was working. What was weird was we couldn’t access the router page from the computer, but Joe could get it on his iPad. Eventually he just reset it to the factory default settings but that seemed to do nothing. Then about 15-20 minutes later it spontaneously started working again. I’m relieved the router wasn’t fried but perplexed what was wrong to begin with. I hope it doesn’t happen again! It’s just weird the outage triggered it to stop working. Also, I ended up wearing my glasses all day to give my eye a rest and we went to Qdoba to pick up dinner since I had a BOGO coupon for my birthday.

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Monday 1/9

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I forgot to mention that over the weekend a package from Amazon arrived with an ice cube tray inside. I was perplexed because I hadn’t ordered it and there was no message inside. It wasn’t until I was chatting with brother B later that day that I learned he had sent it. A few months ago he was over when Joe was trying to release the baby food (which I was feeding to Gizmo) I had frozen in our ice cube tray and it broke. B figured we’d want a better one and the one he sent me is pretty fancy. He didn’t realize I wasn’t using a tray for baby food anymore (although I might need to start since now Milo isn’t eating his regular food) but we could use it for making dog treats or iced coffee (since we don’t need it to make actual ice cubs since the freezer makes them).

The following day I also got a $25 Texas Roadhouse gift card from B. I wasn’t expecting either of those things since we don’t typically exchange presents on our birthdays (or Christmas, for that matter).

Anywho, today I mostly worked on stuff around the house. I was reading a blog where the person types out their accomplishments, so I’m going to do that since it’s faster that way.


Reorganized the freezer
Cleaned the rat cages (I moved Milo to a clean one to avoid having to clean his regular one last weekend so I had two to clean)
Dusted upstairs
Vacuumed upstairs
Reorganized the side table in the master bedroom
Cleaned master bathroom including scrubbing the shower tile with Soft Scrub and a toothbrush
Did laundry
Paid bills
Recorded some gift card balances and cashed in Discover rewards for a $50 e-certificate to Red Robin
Recorded all our receipts in a spreadsheet

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Our New Laser Printer

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A couple of weeks before Christmas Amazon had a wireless Brother laser printer/scanner on sale for $100 (normally $145). I decided to buy it for my parents since they have a crappy ink-jet that costs a fortune whenever they get new ink cartridges compared to the four times we’ve had to replace our toner.

Keep in mind I’ve been telling my parents for years they should get a laser printer because it’s so much cheaper. So I’m on the phone with my mom and she happens to bring up the fact that the printer is out of ink and I mention the laser printer thing again. This time she tells me she knows it would be cheaper but doesn’t want to chance it because the toner would probably bother her. Ugh!!! How come she never mentioned that before? Also, shame on me for not thinking of it either.

So this is my drawn-out way of saying we got a new printer! I figured it wasn’t worth trying to convince her to try it so we kept it for ourselves.


I’m not even upset because the printer is so cool I was feeling rather jealous when I thought we’d be giving it to my parents. And let’s face it, they wouldn’t have used some of the coolest features anyway, like printing from a smartphone without having the computer on. That is my favorite feature because sometimes when we’re heading out the door we have to print a coupon and it’s annoying to have to boot up the computer just to do it.

In addition to that, I like the new printer because:

1) It’s black instead of cream-colored which helps it blend in on the shelf below my desk where it resides.

2) It has a flat-bed scanner which will come in handy once in awhile since the phone scanning app isn’t great at scanning non-paper items.

3) It’s physically lighter than the old printer.

4) And did I mention I can print to it from my phone without having the computer on thanks to the wireless feature???

Our 13+ year old Brother laser printer still works perfectly but was very basic so I’m not sure what to do with it now. Maybe offer to let my parents try it? At least I won’t be offended if my mom gives it back like I would have with the new one.

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Birthday Weekend

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Friday I decided to give the whole house a good cleaning but in the end I only cleaned the downstairs because I spent three hours scrubbing the tile in the kitchen. I used Mr. Clean and a toothbrush on the grout and now it’s cleaner than it’s been since we moved in, possibly even before that.

In the photo below, the left side is still dirty and the right side is clean.

Kitchen Floor Tile

I had to use Nature’s Miracle on the spots where Wookie’s crate and playpen are since they smelled like urine. I’d like to tackle it once more before we using grout sealer to hopefully stop it from getting so dirty and smelly in the future.

My brother, B, stopped by after work and we had a nice personal discussion about our relationship. He told me about how some of the things I do hurt his feelings and I told him the same. I think we came out of it understanding each other a little better which was good. We went to Culvers for dinner and then made a brief stop at Starbucks so I could sell this perfume I’ve been trying to get rid of for months. Glad to get rid of something I’ll never use again and get a bit of money back too!

Saturday morning I opened my presents from Joe. I love everything!

Birthday Gifts

From left to right:

Popstar – Never Stop Never Stopping movie
Popstar – Never Stop Never Stopping cd soundtrack
Cured by Lol Tolhurst
Erasure – Remixed
Underworld – Barbara Barbara We Face A Shining Future
New Order – Power, Corruption, and Lies
Not pictured – Sea Grass tealights from Pier One

We listened to the Popstar CD (which is hilarious) on the way to Abby’s Breakfast & Lunch in St. Charles where I ordered their delicious eggs benedict. We planned to see Moana with the free ticket I received for my birthday, but after breakfast my stomach was bothering me so we skipped the movie and swung by Jamba Juice for my free small smoothie (which I put in the freezer to have a different day). We stopped at home for a bit before heading to Starbucks so Joe could get a vanilla latte on my account (which was free for my birthday) and then Target for some necessities. We played with Wookie for awhile after getting back before heading to Portillo’s for a late lunch. I had a chopped salad and Joe had an Italian beef. We shared an order of fries and a slice of chocolate cake (free) and it was only $6 out of pocket since I received a $10 gift card from my employer as a birthday treat. Afterwards I picked up a free scoop of ice cream from Baskin Robbins which I stuck in the freezer for a later date. Gotta love all the birthday freebies!

Sunday morning we used my free movie ticket to see Moana. Wow, what a great movie! Disney cartoons are the best. It’s funny how we’re always the only people who stay to watch the scenes after the credits, though. Also, I had forgotten how much I don’t really care for Classic Cinemas anymore. We only went because of the free ticket since the theater we usually go to is closer, cheaper by fifty cents per ticket, and is evenly heated. The theater kept getting really cold, then really warm. It was annoying.

We stopped by Walmart after the show to get a couple of new toys for Wookie and some frozen broccoli florets since theirs taste way better than any of the other brands we’ve purchased.

After lunch Joe fixed the pipes under the kitchen sink. Initially it was one leaking but once he replaced that another piece broke so he had to go back out to replace that part. Isn’t that always the way?

We were too lazy to go out after that so I made tacos for dinner and we watched some things off the DVR. Yea, we have one again with a new cable company. We also have all the channels again too. The only thing we don’t have? The time to watch much!

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