Fall Fun

October 17th, 2016 1 comment

Saturday morning we ventured over to Sonny Acres to enjoy some apple cider donuts. It was a little cool and overcast but not too bad, although there was hardly anywhere to sit since it had rained that morning and all the benches & picnic tables were wet.

Tangent: I will never understand why no one running the business thinks of drying them off, although I made this suggestion when I reviewed the place on Facebook. How much time and effort could it take to send an employee with a towel or two over to the seating area to dry everything off? I know as a customer I would notice and appreciate this gesture. Another thing that I think would enhance their business is if an employee walking the grounds offering to take photos so that mom and dad both can be in the picture with their kids. It would foster goodwill with the community. And finally, why the heck don’t they even list the apple cider donuts on their website? They mention lots of other food but not the donuts and I’m pretty sure they are highly coveted during this time of the year. Perhaps I should have gone into marketing – I can always spot ways in which a business can improve their service.

We only got a half dozen donuts ($8 – yikes!) which turned out to be a good call since they no longer put them in the plastic container but just throw them in a paper bag. We ate four of the six while we people-watched for a good hour before growing cold and leaving. We then headed to Old Time Pottery so I could look at the seasonal decor. I bought two mini purple lanterns ($1.29 each) that I added to each end of the fireplace mantel and a “give thanks” sign ($5) for Thanksgiving since I really don’t own any Thanksgiving decor.

Saturday evening we took the Gallery of Ghoulish Homes tour in St. Charles. Our first stop was a new participant and we were surprised we were the only visitors as they did a great job with the home and the three live actors.

The next house we visited wasn’t too impressive but the one after that was a house on a large corner lot with an expansive graveyard. It was packed with people compared to the first two homes we visited. They actually won best house from the judges (Saturday was judging night) but I think it was more for the 10-foot tall pirate skeleton that was roaming the property and talking to visitors since nothing about the rest of the decor was all that thrilling. I didn’t get a great photo of the costume, but you get the idea.


Our next stop was a house we’ve been visiting for many years. It’s on a dead-end street and we usually just drive past because the live actors creep me out. This time we decided to get out of the car to investigate the getup more closely and that’s how I got roped into walking through their yard/garage haunt. They purposely had us wait until the other people went ahead so we weren’t in a big group. The first part is alongside their home toward the backyard. It’s lined with cornstalks and people jump out to startle you, which of course made me scream. It was much of the same the entire way but fun at the same time. It’s a free way to get a little scare.

There were another eight houses after that and only one of them was lame so overall it was an enjoyable evening.

Sunday evening we headed to Beef Shack for dinner and then back to Sonny Acres for a haunted wagon ride (I always want to call it a haunted hayride but there’s not any hay). It’s been five years since we last went on the ride due to factors like weather and no one wanting to join us. Well, we still couldn’t find anyone up to joining us but the weather was literally in the 70’s so we jumped at the opportunity to go without freezing our butts off.

Unlike five years ago the line was not in total darkness so that was good. We were both surprised by how crowded it was, however. We figured a Sunday would be less so since people have to work the next day. We arrived around 6:40 pm and the first ride time (7 pm) was already sold out, so we got tickets for 7:20. We actually got on the ride closer to 7:10, however, and our wagon wasn’t completely full which was nice. We weren’t allowed to take any photos or video, though, so that kinda sucked. The ride isn’t really scary even with people jumping out and hanging onto the wagon, but it was still fun. It’s just not something I can see myself doing too often as I think we’d grow bored. Plus it’s $10 per person which isn’t exactly cheap.

Once we got off the ride around 7:30ish the place was much less crowded and there was hardly a line for the haunted wagon ride. So note to self – 8 pm on a Sunday might be the best time to go to avoid long lines.

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Glass Pumpkin Patch

October 14th, 2016 No comments

Since I called sick into work Tuesday I decided to go into the office for a few hours this morning from 7-10. Wow, if I only had to work 3 hours every day that would be awesome!

Anyway, after coming home to grab a few things we were off to the arboretum to check out their glass pumpkin patch. We were absolutely shocked by how many people were there at 11 am on a Friday morning. Doesn’t anyone work (asks the girl who works 3 days a week with a husband who is unemployed)? I’ve never seen such a long line just to get into the grounds. Luckily we decided to try our luck instead of turning around and heading home (which was our initial inclination) because the pumpkin patch wasn’t as crowded as we thought it was going to be. On top of that, the pumpkins weren’t on sale yet so there were tons to photograph and I didn’t have to worry about getting in the way of someone trying to make a purchase.

Glass Pumpkin

Glass Pumpkin

Glass Cherries

Glass Pumpkins

After browsing the patch we walked around the lake and then headed back to the car to drive the grounds. Unfortunately the fall colors aren’t at their peak yet so I didn’t really take any pictures of the trees.

After the arboretum we headed to Chipotle for lunch since we had scored a BOGO coupon. Too bad we forgot to use the gift card I had or it would have been free, but $10 for two burritos and chips with guacamole isn’t bad either.

After lunch we stopped by the vet to get more medicine for Gizmo. I keep having an issue with this one medication he’s on where they give me what they deem is enough and I run out of it well before I should. I picked up what should have been a 2 week supply last week and it’s almost gone only a week later. I thought maybe they weren’t giving the correct total amount but they said they are and that maybe something is going on at the pharmacy that compounds it and it’s evaporating or something. It’s the strangest and most frustrating thing because I am measuring it out correctly. I really hate that medication but without it Gizmo would likely die.

We stopped at home to drop off the medicine and then went to Walmart because I wanted to look for Tsum Tsum pajama pants that someone had posted they have. Unfortunately I didn’t see any, but I did end up buying this pair since I love purple and I love owls.


I know they are going to be super comfy like my Star Wars and polar bear pajama pants.

We also went to Target for a few items. I love it when the balance due is $42.50 but then after coupons and Cartwheel it’s only $29.

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Back Pain & RIP Steve

October 11th, 2016 No comments

This morning I woke up with such a sore back that I ended up calling in sick to work which I haven’t done since January. I couldn’t deal with sitting in an office chair all day the way I was feeling. I worked out for 40 minutes on Monday and also did some dishes (which I don’t usually do) so I’m guessing that might have contributed to the pain somehow. It seems like lately I can’t do anything without my back hurting but it has never been as bad as this. Once I feel better I am going to start doing yoga to strengthen my back. I really don’t want to go to the doctor yet since the insurance isn’t the greatest so I hope this passes.

After taking some ibuprofen I went back to bed for a few hours. When I checked on the rats I noticed Steve was looking pretty bad. He’s been losing weight for awhile and I haven’t seen him eat anything for a day or two. All he does is sleep and his breathing has been shallow so I had already decided a couple of days ago that we’d be taking him in to be euthanized later this week, but I decided it would be best to do that today since I was worried he was miserable. I made an appointment and we took him to the vet around noon. Even though he was a mean little thing I still felt awful and got teary-eyed. After they brought his lifeless body back into the room I noticed he had some caked up poop on his bottom. There was a tumor near his anus and now I think maybe it had made him difficult to go to the bathroom so I’m really glad we didn’t wait any longer since he might have been in pain. I hope Doug doesn’t take it too hard.


Incidentally, the vet tried to bill me $60 even though we don’t keep the ashes. I told them they only charged $30 last time when I had Marshmallow put to sleep and they agreed to charge the same this time. I still don’t understand why it would cost $60 for that but whatever. I will have to find out how much it costs at the newer vet before I have to do this again. We took Steve to our old vet since it’s closer. Plus I was a little worried how the new vet might judge me for his condition. He used to be huge but when I picked him up the other day he barely weighed anything. I was torn over when to intervene because I didn’t want him to suffer but I also didn’t want to have him put to sleep too soon either. It’s always a very tough call to make.

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Monday Happenings

October 11th, 2016 No comments

Yesterday was such a nice day. We did a little window shopping at Pier One and JoAnn Fabrics just because I love looking at all the fall and Halloween decor. It was surprisingly fun even though we didn’t buy anything. Pier One had more Christmas stuff than Halloween which (as it always does) irked me. Why does Christmas have to steamroll all the other holidays? I mean, look at this display.

Pier One Christmas Stuff

That was one of several where in contrast there was only one Halloween display and it was all ugly discounted stuff.

We also went to ULTA so I could look for a hair dryer since mine no longer works and I’ve been using my travel hair dryer for the past week. They didn’t have any good ones for $20 or less so we went to Walmart where I had found one I liked for $20. Unfortunately both boxes were opened, so I will just order it online from Amazon.

We made a quick stop at Bath & Body Works so I could use my coupon to get a free pocket hand sanitizer. I sampled a bunch of scents but ended up going with one I know I like – Warm Vanilla Sugar.

Warm Vanilla Sugar Hand Sanitizer

That place makes so much money – even when it’s on sale it’s not cheap, and I was the only person in the relatively long line who wasn’t buying a bunch of stuff. We went to Walmart afterwards where I bought some cute Halloween themed hand soaps for the master bathroom and kitchen. They were were only $0.99 and smell pretty good for the price.

Halloween Softsoap

Once we got home we put some of our Halloween decorations up outside and then Joe shampooed the carpeting in the rat room and the loft as well as the stairs. He shampooed the workout room and our master bedroom last week so only the living room is left to be done. The carpeting in our bedroom, workout room, and loft has never been shampooed so it really needed it even though we don’t wear shoes in the house.

While he was cleaning I decorated for Halloween which was fun. Joe put up the 3D bats we had purchased at Target a few weeks ago over the mantel.

Halloween Mantel

Overall I like how everything looks (even if some of the bats keep falling down). After taking this picture I added some black and purple garland behind the figurines and I think that looks better.

The weather was beautiful so we had the windows open. I’m going to miss these nice days when it’s cold out! Other than my back bothering me it was the perfect day.

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Sunday Alone Time

October 9th, 2016 No comments

Today was the first day in a looooong time where I had the house to myself for more than an hour. Joe left around 9 am to go to the shooting range with his buddies. What did I do? Dishes, finances, (partially) catch up on my YouTube watch later list, catch up on some blog reading, look for freelance jobs to supplement our income, and back up photos which included finally clearing out my Microsoft One Drive account so I have space to do regular iPhone photos backups again.

What didn’t I do? Decorate for Halloween like I had planned (maybe tomorrow) or take a shower. Hell, I didn’t even put my contacts in! I’m still in my PJ’s which include a pair of ridiculously cozy soft pants I got at Savers for $3 recently. They are gray with polar bears on them and I just love them! I hope they don’t shrink like my fleece Star Wars pajama pants did. They are still comfortable, but they are too short now and my legs get cold.

I’ve also been listening to The Cure play in Europe thanks to someone who has been Periscoping the entire show. The picture is sucky on the computer but the sound is fantastic. The set list has been all over the place which I like. They played The Baby Screams and Disintegration which were awesome! Right now they are two songs into their 1st encore. They started around 1:30 pm so I estimate it will end around 4 or 4:15 and I think Joe will be home soon thereafter. I’ve enjoyed my day but man did the time fly! I don’t feel like I did much yet it’s been 6 and a half hours. Where does the time go?

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