Damn You Old Navy!

March 23rd, 2015 No comments

Saturday was a pretty lazy day, although we did leave the house for a short time to visit Old Navy because I read they had their tank tops on sale for only $2. I am a self-confessed tank top addict* and I used to love Old Navy tanks. Unfortunately the style on sale sucks, so I got a bit irritated because it seems like every so often I get “tricked” into visiting that store and I never come out with anything. E got a couple of t-shirts, though, so at least one of us left happy.

We went to the Five Below next door where I found the perfect t-shirt for Brother # 1 for his birthday. Haha!

Five Below T-Shirt

Next we went to Half Price Books to browse and we found a super old version of Aggravation for only $1.20. The board is in excellent shape and the marbles are made out of glass.


Our last stop was the library to pick up a copy of Cloverfield since E had never seen it.

Sunday Joe and I went to Old Time Pottery to look for planters for the patio. Now that I’m 99% sure our neighbors aren’t dog-owning smokers, I’m pretty excited to spend some time outside and garden. I couldn’t find any long planter boxes, but we did find a really big square planter that we plan to transplant our large bush into since the one it came in is fugly.

I also found some cute silk flowers. I like the daffodils but I really love the pink blossoms! After Easter I will be displaying them in the living room.

Silk Flowers

We ran into friends of ours at the Menards and caught up in the parking lot before heading inside to look for fencing to protect my daffodils from the landscapers. I’m worried they will pull them out of the ground before they bloom. We also looked for planters but there weren’t any on sale so we’ll hold off for now.

Our last stop was the produce market where we discovered their homemade chicken soup is awesome! I made rice later in the day to add to the soup so we could spread it out between two meals.

This morning I woke up to a very vocal woodpecker. When I peeked out the window I was shocked to see everything covered in snow with more coming down every minute. Ugh! I was hoping we were done with this bullshit. It’s spring for goodness sakes!

* Incidentally, I organized my tank top drawer this morning. Obsessed much? And those aren’t even the good tank tops I wear in the summer. I mainly wear the ones pictured here underneath shirts or to bed.

Tank Tops

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4K TVs & Puppies

March 23rd, 2015 No comments

Friday we headed to the mall to return a shirt I had gotten at Kohl’s recently since it had a hole in it.

We also stopped in FYE which we rarely do, but it’s fun to browse all the little pop culture figurines they sell there. It paid off too because I found some fun things on clearance that I bought for Brother # 1’s birthday next month.

This crazy looking thing is from Dumb Ways To Die.

Dumb Ways To Die Character

This is from the movie, Ted, and be warned, the things he says in NSFW!

After that we went to Payless where I bought a pair of purple gym shoes (or sneakers, if you’re not a Midwesterner). They were only $18.75 after my coupon. They are very light and breathable which will be great once it warms up and we start going for our daily evening walks again.

New Shoes

We stopped at Hobby Lobby where I ended up getting a cute bouquet of multicolored silk flowers for $4 since they were all on sale for 50% off. I’ve been getting more into silk flowers lately because they are great inexpensive way to change up the decor.

Multicolored Silk Flowers

Lastly, we stopped at Costco to pick up some staples. Fridays at the best day to visit Costco because it’s not busy but they still have the free samples. Score! We also came really close to walking out with a Samsung 4k TV.

We’ve been patiently looking at TVs for awhile now but can’t seem to pull the trigger. I love our plasma but now that Joe has been unable to fix the broken TV that was originally in our bedroom, we thought it would make sense to replace the one downstairs, move that into the bedroom, and then move the TV that’s currently in the bedroom back into the loft for gaming. I was ready to drop $1000 on the TV but after reading the Amazon reviews I’m not so sure that’s a great idea. I’m less concerned about it “only” being 60hz since nothing is broadcast in anything higher anyway, but people were complaining about how the light bleeds on the edges of the screen and even posted pictures. The thing I will say about our old outdated plasma is that the blacks are very black and I really have no complaints with the picture quality even though it’s not even 720p. But man, those 4k TVs look awesome, and owning a Samsung smart TV would be great. We could move the Chromecast upstairs, plus connect the Wii, PS3, Ouya, and Xbox 360 downstairs without having to switch HDMI ports all the time. Oh well… I’m sure we’ll find something eventually.

After dropping off our loot at home we headed south toward our old neighborhood to grab lunch at a Thai place I wanted to try. Then we killed some time by visiting the local animal shelter and looking at dogs. OMG the place smelled so bad! I’ve been to other shelters before, and this one smell-wise is the absolute worst. I do not recommend visiting it right after eating; it strongly smelled like shit and vomit and I almost puked.

The majority of the dogs there were either pitbulls or pitbull mixes. It was so depressing walking past rows and rows of kennels and seeing all the dogs get excited. They all had those pathetic puppy-dog eyes that tear at your heart strings. Eventually we came upon one kennel that housed a very large fluffy dog with the cutest face. He was very calm and friendly, licking my hand. I guessed he had to be a puppy from the way his fur looked, and sure enough he was only 10 months old. He was a beautiful Akita and St. Bernard mix. If we had a house with a yard we might have actually adopted him. I couldn’t stop going back to his kennel to pet him. Poor guy. The good news is I’m sure he’ll be adopted. I can’t imagine no one will want him. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for all the dogs there. :(

We killed more time by visiting the pet store and the local library before it was finally time to pick up E for the weekend. Joe and E wanted Dunkin Donuts iced coffee, so we hit the drive-thru before picking up a pizza we had ordered a half hour earlier. I never get anything when they go to DD, but I did try Joe’s drink and now I’m in love with the vanilla swirl iced coffee. Holy crap is it good! They recently added a bunch of ice cream flavors to their iced coffee offerings. I’m wondering how it would taste if I got it decaffeinated with almond milk to protect my sensitive stomach. I plan to try it one of these days.

Once we got home and ate dinner we let E stream YouTube videos to the Chromecast and then watched a movie.

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Chicago Wolves

March 21st, 2015 No comments

Last weekend I noticed there was a Groupon for tickets to see the Chicago Wolves play later the same week. I asked Joe to see if he could take Friday off so we could attend the Thursday evening game without worrying about lack of sleep. His boss approved so I purchased the Groupon.

The drive to Allstate Arena was a bitch due to traffic, so I’m glad Joe suggested leaving earlier than I would have, and grabbing dinner at one of the restaurants near the stadium. We ended up eating at the Culver’s down the street where many other Wolves fans, decked out in their team’s apparel, had the same idea.

We arrived about a half hour ahead of time which was perfect. Parking was $13 instead of $20 probably because it was a weeknight game. They were also lax about the whole parking situation, not requiring where you had to park like they do at concerts. We parked right along the edge so we could easily exit the lot without waiting in a long line (not that there would have been one anyway since the lot wasn’t very full).

After a nonexistent security check (really? I could have sneaked a bottle of water in if I had known… or a gun), we headed upstairs toward the nosebleed seats, which I honestly didn’t mind because I enjoy the line of sight sitting up higher to watch most sports, particularly hockey since it’s tough enough to follow the puck.

As we started to make our way around the stadium to our section, we decided why even bother. There weren’t that many people in the stadium overall, so we just chose an empty section we liked and settled there.

The opening to the game was very “explosive”, as seen here.

Wow, I could feel the heat even in the very last row!

Sitting on the end of the aisle in our new section was much better than sitting in our assigned seats which were smack dab in the middle of the 30+ seat row, especially because I had to get up to use the restroom several times. We had the entire row to ourselves too, which meant not having to get up to let people pass.

Allstate Arena Seating

You know how there’s always some people who cannot sit still in their seat for more than ten minutes? There were a few of those there, although luckily they sat elsewhere. One couple had to have eaten the equivalent of two meals during the two and a half hour event. How do people even justify that? “Yea, I know we just ate dinner, but this $10 burger that was likely microwaved a half hour ago is too delicious to pass up”. Another bonus to sitting away from everyone else – we could say whatever we wanted without the fear of being overheard. Needless to say, I started making fun of the couple who couldn’t stop packing it in. I turned to Joe and said, “here’s what I think he’s saying to her right now” –

First let me get a $12.50 beer and $8 pretzel, and then we can discuss where to go to dinner afterwards.

We burst into giggles because we’re mature like that, haha. The irony is that while we didn’t eat or drink anything at the game because the food is disgusting and outrageously overpriced, we did stop at a taco joint we used to frequent back when we first got together afterwards. Pot calling the kettle black much?

Random Observations:

» The Wolves aren’t nearly as interesting to watch as the Blackhawks. Plus they lost the game without even scoring once.

» There are loose birds in the stadium, one of which was in the bathroom. I felt bad for him because I’m guessing if they don’t do anything to get him out of the building he will eventually die. You can’t expect him to live on nasty stale pretzel pieces.

» The arena is severely outdated and rather small.

» The seats in particular are tiny. We felt crammed and we are not overweight or particularly tall. It brought back memories of when we went to see Dane Cook and the girl next to me violated my personal space.

» The sound system blows. Nothing was loud enough, but even the music volume was way better than the announcer. I have excellent hearing but I couldn’t understand much of what he was saying because it was quiet and muffled.

We probably won’t be visiting this arena again anytime soon unless The Cure decides to tour during the winter and forces me to come back.

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Corned Beef Monday

March 16th, 2015 No comments

Even though I got my butt out of bed before 8 am this morning the day still flew by. I worked out, cleaned, made breakfast muffins, and put corned beef and cabbage in the crockpot since I wouldn’t have time to cook it tomorrow due to work. It came out really good too! I used to think I hated corned beef and cabbage but it turns out I just don’t like how restaurants prepare it. Mine was so moist and delicious! I told Joe I’m happy to make it more frequently than once a year. I also painted my nails glitter green to celebrate the holiday tomorrow.

When we were out yesterday we stopped at CVS so I could grab a great deal on lip gloss – it was a one day deal for $3.00 off the $3.88 sale price so after tax it was only $1.20. I’m turning into such a girly girl lately.

We also stopped at the library where I grabbed some books and CDs. The plan was to relax and read this afternoon but I didn’t get much time for that between my brother messaging me online to complain about my family and my mom on the phone complaining about everyone too (at the same time, no less). Due to getting a poor night’s sleep last night they were really getting under my skin. Actually, it was more my mom than my brother, simply because I find her so stubborn and have to bite my tongue to avoid starting an argument. Because really, what’s the point when she’s not going to listen to reason anyway? Sorry for the vagueness of this, but I don’t have the time, nor the inclination, to get into the details.

Suffice it to say, once I was off the phone I was in a foul mood that didn’t dissipate for another two hours. Ugh! I did get a little reading in but not as much as I would have liked. Joe is at a work dinner tonight, however, so I plan to go upstairs shortly so I can read so more before bed.

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New Neighbors

March 16th, 2015 No comments

When we got home yesterday there were people moving into the place next door. Our old neighbors abruptly moved out about a month ago and there had been a steady stream of people checking out the place ever since. We’re still not entirely sure who has moved in, but based on our snooping from behind the blinds it looks to be a couple with a small child (a girl, actually, based on the purple & pink children’s furniture they were moving in).

Also, based on the fact that someone was home all day today but I didn’t once hear or see them, I’m guessing their are neither smokers or dog owners. Perhaps we’ve finally won the neighbor lottery!

Now if they could start using their garage at some point I’d be thrilled. Right now they are parking both cars in the driveway and using the front door which makes a lot of noise due to the shared wall. I’m hoping it’s only temporary until they can organize their stuff and make room for their vehicles. What’s the point of a two car garage if you only fill it with junk? Trust me, we have a ton of stuff and we still manage to fit both vehicles in our garage. We rarely use the front door. I think I open it more to retrieve packages than to go in and out of the house.

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