Staycation Day 11 – Monday

July 28th, 2014 No comments

I’m sitting here in the rat room letting Marshmallow run around just feeling super cranky about the fact that it’s 4 PM, I haven’t even showered yet, and I have to go back to work tomorrow.

I can’t believe I spent the entire day just cleaning the house. Sure, I also got a chance to knock some things off the DVR, mostly by listening while I cleaned, but where’s the fun in that? The house looks great, but now I’m in a mood.

I’m also feeling pretty cranky over the fact that I’m getting sick and tired of my iPhone and iPad. Could the autocorrect feature BE any shittier? On top of that, I don’t understand the app switching feature in iOS since it doesn’t save your place but instead refreshes content when you return to the app. It makes no sense! And the battery on my iPhone sucks a bag of dicks these days. Suffice it to say, I’ve felt like throwing my iPhone across the room more than once lately. I’ve even started seriously contemplating switching to an Android phone. I’m overdue for an upgrade so I could get one now but I really want to see what the iPhone 6 has to offer before I jump the Apple ship.

So here’s the end of my staycation – me feeling like I want to scream. It started in happiness and ended in depression. Why am I not surprised?

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Staycation Day 10 – Sunday

July 27th, 2014 No comments

True to word, the furthest we traveled from home today was to Target where we spent $70, mostly on toilet paper and the new fancy contact lens cleaner I have to use now. But the good news is my eye is feeling much better and I’ve been able to wear my contacts the past two days with almost no issues!

It was such a nice day we decided to spend some time at the pool. We arrived just before 11 am and were the first ones there (it opens at 10:30 am on the weekends). Joe swam some laps while I enjoyed a book. There was a nice breeze and it was so relaxing that I started feeling really depressed about having to go back to work soon. I really wish we had our own home with a big yard and a pool so we could enjoy the quiet because right around 1 pm this loudmouthed lady who I can’t stand showed up and ruined it. I guess I should be happy that we got a full two hours of no kids and quiet adults sunbathing, as that’s a record, but I was still miffed that she ruined my good time. The only saving grace was by then I had finished my book and was hungry so we probably would have left soon anyway.

After lunch we both worked on cleaning the house because it needed it! I washed the dining room and kitchen floors while Joe cleaned the toilets. Then I cleaned the rats’ cages while Joe worked out. He vacuumed the house a bit later and Marshmallow had a total meltdown. I thought he was over his fear since he didn’t react the last two times. Weird!

We spent the rest of the evening knocking some shows off the DVR. Neither of us had watched any TV this week so it was getting pretty full.

Unfortunately Joe goes back to work tomorrow and I’ll be spending at least part of the day cleaning the rest of the house. Blah!

I’m not looking forward to returning to work because I’ll be playing catchup all week plus trying to work on a new task I took over from the A/R guy whose last day was on the 18th. Technically the task is an A/P function but he was doing it because I didn’t have the time with my part-time schedule and he had more than enough time. I’m not sure if the new guy will be taking it back from me at some point or not. He starts tomorrow which means my boss was alone last week. I don’t mind the job itself that much. I mean, it’s not fulfilling work by any means, but the thing I dislike the most is the environment. I’m in a dark cubicle in the back of an office that is generally too cold (either too much air conditioning in the summer or not enough heat in the winter) with harsh overhead fluorescent lighting. It’s fucking depressing! I’m uncomfortable a good portion of the day. I like my coworkers but I can’t stand being at the office. I really wish they weren’t so paper dependent as there’s no way I could work from home doing this job and that’s what I really want. I don’t have a problem with sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day if it was my desk at home. It’s too bad that legit decent paying work from home jobs aren’t easy to come by.

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Staycation Day 9 – Saturday

July 26th, 2014 No comments

All we did today is attend a BBQ thrown by my SIL at the place she moved to a few months ago down in boo-foo Illinois which is over an hour drive from our place. The guy she’s living with is the father of her Arizona next door neighbor and is a very good cook. He smoked a handful of meats – bologna, brisket, ribs, and hot dogs, which all came out great.

His neighbor, who has a huge stable on his property with horses, has a dog named Ghost. The dog spends all his time over on this guy’s property, however, than at his own home, and he was at the party being his adorable sweet self.


That’s all she wrote. I’m too tired to get into specifics of the day other than to say it was nice to see family even though my stomach hurt which sucked. Also, I’m so tired of going places and having to be social. My introverted self has hit capacity. Tomorrow we’re going to Target for food and I’m not speaking to anyone but Joe.

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Staycation Day 8 – Friday

July 26th, 2014 No comments

Our day began with us picking up Brother #1 at 10:30 am and headed to Whiting, Indiana for their Pierogi Fest which started at 11 am. By the time we arrived at our favorite booth, Dan’s Pierogis, there was already a line, but it wasn’t nearly as long as in previous years. We got 15 pierogis to share amongst the four of us, which isn’t easy as they are a bit difficult to cut up. We decided that next year we will each place our own personal order since it’s tough to tell which filling is which and it gets all over when you slice into them.

In addition to the namesake, we also enjoyed ice cream (everyone except me), blintzes (Brother #1 and I), Korean tacos (Joe and I; we wouldn’t recommend them), hot dogs (E), and a funnel cake (Joe and I).

The weather was overcast and drizzling when we first arrived but by the time we left it was sunny and since we didn’t put on sunscreen we got burned which is proof that clouds don’t stop the sun from baking your skin!

One thing I like about the fest is that they use these long trailers (which they hilariously refer to as pee-rogis) in place of porta-potties. They are actually quite nice and include flushing toilets similar to those on airplanes. The bathrooms are not smelly at all! I really wish other festivals used these but I’ve only seen them at this particular one.


On the way back to my parents’ we stopped at the local library. I’ve been pestering my family to take advantage of the free movies and games you can get there but they kept dismissing me. I quickly learned why – that particular library has diddly squat. I guess I’ve been spoiled by the many materials offered by the suburban libraries in our area. Just another reason the suburbs trump living in the city. ;)

Once we got back to my parents’ we played bags and badminton. We then made a run to Wendy’s for food and played Aggravation since the Catchphrase game I had borrowed from our library wasn’t working properly.

We ended up leaving just before 8 pm as everyone was exhausted. It’s been a pretty busy week. While I’m not looking forward to going back to work, I am getting tired of all the eating we’ve been doing!

Oh, and Brother #2 managed to peeve me in the five minutes he was actually around. He came home from work, walked right by the kitchen without saying a word to anyone, and then about five minutes later passed by quickly again and left the house. WTF? Can you say rude? You know damn well if my brother was at my house and Joe had done something like that he’d had made comments about it. I just don’t get how he can be so rude to people but will be the first person to call someone else out if he thinks they are rude. I try really hard not to let his behavior affect me but I’m so aggravated by what he did but there’s no point calling him out on it because nothing ever changes. Basically he can treat people poorly and there’s always what he feels is a valid an excuse for doing so, but if you do it to him there’s no excuse and he will distance himself from you for months as punishment. Nice, huh?

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Staycation Day 7 – Thursday

July 26th, 2014 No comments

We got our donuts for breakfast this morning! Don’t they look yummy?


Today was rest and relax day so after donuts we putzed around the house, then went to the library to drop off some materials and pick up books I had on hold.

Lunch was soup and sandwiches, then we played the new game I picked up, Smartass. It was fun, and I won both games! Then we went outside and played bags for awhile.

Dinner was spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread, and now we’re going to make some popcorn and watch a movie.

It was a nice day, but it went by surprisingly quickly considering how little we did!

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