Garage Sale

June 27th, 2016 No comments

Friday and Saturday we held our garage sale. Even though we were very organized and posted on Craigslist & Nextdoor, we didn’t get as much traffic as we were hoping.

The very first thing to sell, however, was my old Kenwood Stereo I purchased for $400 twenty years ago.


It had it all (at the time) – dual cassette deck, 3-CD changer, and radio. The speakers were huge and sounded great (still do, actually) and it was in fantastic condition. But due to its size and how we listen to MP3s these days, it had been collecting dust in the garage for years. Imagine my surprise as the guy who bought it was putting it into his car and I felt this overwhelming sense of panic. I literally had to go inside to calm down – I thought I was going to vomit. I felt seriously bummed and overly emotional afterwards. I had no idea I had formed such a sentimental emotional attachment to it or I might have not sold it. I’ve tried to rationalize the feelings away with logic – it’s too big, I never use it, etc. but I still feel sad about it, although I’m sure that will get better over time. I don’t necessarily like having such a strong attachment to physical objects. Other than the blanket my grandmother knitted for me which I have slept with every night for the last 25 years, I didn’t think I’d feel such a loss without an item in my life. Oh well. I will never see it again (sob), so it’s best to try and get over it.

Anyway, shortly after that “traumatic” event Friday, my coworker called asking for help since our boss was off and he was being asked to do something he had never done before. Walking him through it over the phone wasn’t helping so I drove over to get it done since it’s less than ten minutes away and I really needed the distraction. I ended up working an hour so that will make my next paycheck a little higher which is nice.

Despite everyone telling us that Fridays are super slow and that Saturday would be much better, it really wasn’t. Overall we ended up making a little more on Saturday but not until 4 pm. We had shut down at 2 pm on Friday but extended the hours until 5 on Saturday in hopes we’d get more interest. When all was said and done we made a little over $100. I would have made more working an extra day at work so that’s not really worth my time. Plus we still have a bunch of stuff left that we’re going to donate and try to offload on Craigslist, including the stuff my dad asked us to sell for him that no one wanted.

One cute thing that happened was the neighbor across the street purchased a few old bookbags on Friday and her daughter (who I guess is around 12) came over Saturday with her friends and was wearing one of them. She also told us how much she loved it which was nice. It’s a mini bookbag I’ve had for over twenty years and really loved when I was younger. It was still in excellent shape because I take really good care of my things. Even one of the people who bought some stuff from us mentioned we had really nice stuff. I just wish it would have sold!

When I was lamenting on Facebook about the futility of having a garage sale one of my “friends” told me how it was because we should have had our sale in April and that when her organization had one they earned $1500. Um, how is that even helpful? I’m sure her organization had a lot more things for sale since multiple people contributed. I was so very tempted to “thank” her for her oh so helpful advice and let her know that I’ll just hop into my Delorean and go back in time to April to have my sale then. I am *this close* to unfriending her. Most of her comments are just irritating know-it-all things anyway and ain’t no one got time for that.

So will we ever have another garage sale? That would be a no. Even though the thing I dreaded most – people haggling – didn’t happen too much, I still didn’t enjoy it. Although this one lady got a steal on this purse I had that was brand new and sells for $79. I’ve been trying to sell it online for a year so I lowered the price to $25 for the garage sale. She wanted $15 even though I said $20. I gave in because a) I didn’t pay for it anyway and b) I just wanted it gone, but I’m kinda pissed about it nonetheless. And this is why I hate selling things and garage sales. Never again. I’d rather do Craigslist and sell stuff one at a time.

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Father’s Day, Periscope, & Finding Dory

June 20th, 2016 No comments

Late yesterday afternoon E came by to spend time with Joe for Father’s Day. He got Joe a card which he was thrilled about since it’s the first time he’s gotten one that wasn’t facilitated by me. We went to Bulldog Alehouse for boneless wings, then to the pool for awhile. We also played Uno while I listened to a live stream of The Cure at Madison Square Garden.

I discovered Periscope about two weeks ago and have been following The Cure’s tour through the states which has been fun, even if I have to be careful to start out with 100% battery as the app really burns through it. My phone actually died one of the first times I watched a show because I didn’t realize it was such a battery hog.

I have mixed feelings about Periscoping shows. On one hand I wouldn’t want to be the person standing near these people since the glow from their phone is a distraction, but on the other I love that I can see the shows I’m missing. I guess that makes me a hypocrite. It’s fun to be able to see the band play live and interact with fellow fans in the chat section of the app, though.

I did piss someone off last night, however, because she was talking the entire time she was scoping. Sure, I get that she’s doing the rest of us a favor by even filming at all, but what’s the point if she’s going to talk over the music? She was going on and on about what a big fan she is yet she didn’t seem to be paying much attention to the show. Finally I got fed up and asked if she was going to listen to the music and enjoy herself or something to that nature and she got mad. She didn’t ban me, though, because she was too drunk, lol! That wasn’t my perception – she was telling everyone how drunk she was and that she ran out of money for beer. I just don’t get why someone would pay so much money to attend a show and then do everything but pay attention to it. I’ve tuned into other broadcasts where someone, not necessarily the person scoping, is chatting or laughing the entire time. STFU and enjoy the show! Is that so hard?

This morning we went to a matinee showing of Finding Dory. I hate Disney Pixar movies so much because they never fail to make my bawl my eyes out even during the heartwarming scenes. Needless to say, I loved the movie, maybe even better than Finding Nemo. And the short beforehand, Piper, was ridiculously cute.

We spent a little time this afternoon organizing our stuff for the garage sale we’re finally having this weekend. We only stopped because it’s so hot out we were getting too uncomfortable. We’ll work on it some more tomorrow which is supposed to be cooler.

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Dentist, Biking, and Early Father’s Day

June 19th, 2016 No comments

Friday the certified Whirlpool repair service came by to replace the cracked piece on our dishwasher. All is now right with the world (well, at least as far as that is concerned). Their service is quite nice to deal with – they call the night before to give a window, and the guy calls the next morning when he’s about 20 minutes away. Everyone is really nice. It’s refreshing dealing with a company that respects the customer’s time.

Later in the morning we both went to the dentist for a cleaning. With our new Marketplace dental insurance we had to pay $15 each for the cleaning and x-rays which I guess isn’t terrible. I wasn’t even yelled at for not flossing!

We did a little shopping after the dentist and then had a late lunch at Chipotle. They have the best guacamole!

Mallard Lake Forest Preserve

Saturday we got up early and took the bikes to Mallard Lake forest preserve for an early morning ride. We arrived around 7:30 and rode for approximately 45 minutes. We would have gone longer had the trails not started getting so crowded. I was surprised by how many people were out fishing too.

We ran to Aldi’s for a few things later in the afternoon and got iced teas from Dunkin Donuts. I got peach and Joe got the green tea. This is the second time I’ve gotten one of their iced teas and I must say I’m not that impressed. Starbucks’ is way better, although far pricier. The DD teas are only $1 from 2-6 pm.

We spent the evening at my parents’ house celebrating Father’s Day. We had pizza and played Aggravation before leaving around 11 am. On the way home we were listening to the radio and I was surprised to come across Q101 which was playing all EDM as part of their Electric Playground series which airs from 10pm-2am every Saturday. I ended up downloading the IHeartRadio app when we got home and listening to more of the broadcast since I had trouble falling asleep.

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10:15 Saturday Night

June 13th, 2016 No comments

What were we doing at that moment? Driving back home from a late night pool party for B’s girlfriend (hence forth known as R) and watching The Cure via Periscope perform their second show at UIC Pavilion in Chicago. I must admit, initially I was bummed that we couldn’t attend the second show after how great Friday’s concert was, but after seeing the set list and hearing how even hotter it was inside the venue, I’m fine now, despite the fact that they played A Forest Saturday night just like I knew they would. At least I got to watch it live!

The pool party, which was from 8:15-10:15 pm and went by too quickly, was fun. We got to meet R’s parents for the first time and they met my parents for the first time ever as well. R’s dad was remarking to them how it was about time since B & R have been together five years now. Then Joe pointed out to me privately that our parents have never met and we’ve been together 15 years! Crazy, right? I guess that’s what happens when you don’t have a wedding (we eloped). Plus Joe’s parents moved to Arizona a few years after we got together. Why didn’t our families meet before then? Probably because we lived in a small apartment and never had both sides of the family over. Joe’s parents actually moved to Arizona a couple of weeks before we closed on our home or maybe a birthday party would have brought them together, although who knows with my mom’s sensitivities. As it is she’s only been to our house twice in the 11 years we’ve lived here. Oh well. It’s kinda funny, though.

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The Cure @ UIC Pavilion

June 11th, 2016 No comments

Last night’s show was AMAZING! But let me back up a bit…

We decided to head toward the venue super early to avoid the nastiness that is Friday rush hour traffic into the city. We left the house at 2:30 pm and arrived at 4 pm, stopping at a Thai restaurant for dinner. Then we went a few blocks down the street to a bar where Joe had a couple of beers and we played darts to pass the time. We got to the venue a little after 6 pm and waited for the long line outside to dissipate before leaving the cool confines of our car to deal with the 99° heat.

Once inside I hit the bathroom before we located our seats. We were in the nosebleed section – 215, Row J, seats 19 and 20 (which was only one away from being on the aisle). A guy who sat there briefly left, thank god, because his bright phone screen was distracting me.

The Cure - Chicago 2016

Even though it felt pretty cold in the air-conditioned building when we arrived it was rather warm and stuffy inside, particularly in the balcony area. Turns out I didn’t need the sweater I brought along at all! Incidentally, I wore my favorite Cure-bird t-shirt and didn’t see one other person wearing one. Not even that many people were wearing Cure t-shirts at all, in fact. I have to wonder how many people even recognized mine other than the woman outside the venue who stopped me to compliment it. She got into The Cure in 1992 which is just a year after I did.

As always, the security at the venue was a joke. Pat-downs for the men and just a purse search for the women. No metal detectors.

The venue itself sucks because the hallways are too narrow to accommodate traffic. Plus there are literally two bathrooms in the entire place, both of which are on the 1st level on opposite ends of the building. We tried to go down there for some water and to use the restroom between the opening act (The Twilight Sad who was surprisingly good) and The Cure coming on and went right back to our seats because it was wall to wall people. I did end up going back down there by myself right before The Cure was due to come on but it was hell pushing through the crowd to even get to the bathroom. I couldn’t even tell where the line to get water was so I went back to my seat without any (and since it was so warm I was parched).

One more complaint before I get to the show itself – WTF is up with people constantly getting up during these events? Luckily most of the people in our row stayed seated like we did (I didn’t even end up going to the bathroom again until we got home hour four hours later) but so many people, many of the same ones, were up and down ALL night. You came to see a band – sit the fuck down and watch! Jeez! I’ve got lots of idiots blocking my recordings (and I kept my phone low so as not to disturb the people around me) because they couldn’t sit still.

And shame on the venue for not replacing the burnt out bulb over our staircase. Every other one in the venue was lit, but ours was in complete darkness so we had all these people shining their phone flashlights in our faces trying to read the row numbers to find their seats. The labeling could be better anyway.

Also, these two woman sitting behind us couldn’t STFU during the opening act. I was just about to turn around and give them a peace of my mind when they left because they weren’t in the right seats anyway. /rant

Now for the good stuff – the show!

The Cure - Chicago 2016

This was my sixth time seeing The Cure live and I think it was their best show yet. Joe definitely thought so and he’s seen them twice before. They started the show with Shake Dog Shake which was a welcome surprise instead of something like Plainsong or Want. From there it just got better and better. I took a ton of video, recording a total of 16 full songs, which is way more than I planned on taking but wanted them for the memories. They aren’t really great, so check out this guy’s because they are professional quality!

Robert was talkative between some songs and even joked about how unintelligible he tends to be when speaking to the audience. During that segment we could actually understand him which was nice but he quickly fell back into his old pattern of mumbling as the evening progressed.

In all they played 32 songs, 10 of which I’ve never heard live before. One of those was The Top, which they haven’t played live in the U.S. in 32 years!!! Here’s a short snippet from my recording.

Pretty amazing, even if I didn’t get to hear A Forest like I was hoping. They’ll probably play it tonight at the second Chicago show. I know people will be periscoping it but I won’t be able to watch because we’ll be at B’s girlfriend’s birthday pool party. I’ll be interested to see the set list later tonight, though.

Here’s the full set list. I’ve highlighted the ten songs I’ve never heard live before.

Shake Dog Shake
Kyoto Song
Night Like This
All I Want
Pictures of You
Like Cockatoos
The Perfect Girl
The Walk
Charlotte Sometimes
Just Like Heaven
Jupiter Crash
From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
One Hundred Years
Give Me It

1st Encore
The Top

2nd Encore
Never Enough
Fascination Street

3rd Encore
The Exploding Boy
In Between Days
Doing The Unstuck
Friday I’m In Love

4th Encore
Let’s Go To Bed
Close to Me
Why Can’t I Be You
Boys Don’t Cry

And here’s a link to my favorite Cure fan site with details about last night’s show including links to other videos taken.

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