iPhone 6 & iOS 8 Review

September 26th, 2014 No comments

It’s been a week since I got my new iPhone and it’s safe to say I’m in love. What do I love about it? It’s easier to say what I don’t love, and that’s pretty much nothing. ;)

Ok, to be honest the only thing that has me a little worried is reports of the phone getting bent in people’s pockets. It seems to be happening more with the iPhone 6 Plus, but I’m sure it can happen to either phone since they are thin and made of aluminum. I got the smaller of the two so I could still fit it into my front pocket but it’s rather snug in my jeans so now I’m really nervous about putting it in there. I’ve spent HOURS on Etsy trying to find the perfect little pouch that means my very specific criteria which is as follows:

1 – Closes at the top (whether that be via snap, velcro, or button with a bungie cord, I really don’t care).
2 – Has the ability to add a strap to turn it into a wristlet and/or crossbody purse.
3 – Has a way to attach it to a belt loop.
4 – Pattern is appealing.

I have yet to find one that matches all that criteria and price is not an object (within reason; but everything I see is below $50 anyway).

Ok, so here’s my review of the phone itself.

Predictive keyboard – This feature is awesome! As I’ve written here before, I suck at typing on my phone (or any digital device, really) and between the larger keys and the suggestions, I rarely have to type out a full word. I love that! It saves time and aggravation and is much better than the iPhone just auto correcting words since it likes to change correct ones to incorrect ones (at least for me).

Larger screen – Love that it’s easier to read text, plus I gained two extra rows of apps per page over my old phone.

Battery life – I used my phone on and off all day at work and when I got home it was around 60% whereas my old phone would have been almost dead. I’m not sure is an actual improvement over the 4S or just because the phone and battery is brand new opposed to three years old. In any case, now that you can view which apps are using up the battery, I have turned off Facebook and Facebook Messenger notifications as they were eating up 36% and 25% of my battery life respectively. eBuddy XMS (the app I use to chat with Joe) is also a battery killer but until I find a better alternative I will have to deal with it. I just wish I could pick certain apps to override the volume settings on the phone so that even if the volume isn’t turned all the way up the notifications from my chat app would still be at full volume.

Touch ID is frickin awesome! I let my phone lock within a minute because it saves on battery plus it’s so effortless to unlock it. I hated having to type in my pass code all the time. Plus I can use Touch ID to download apps which rocks because my Apple password is letters and numbers and switching back and forth between the two on the keyboard is annoying.

The camera is amazing and a very noticeable improvement over the 4S. I don’t feel the need to post-process anything before uploading it to Facebook. I’m impressed with the detail it picks up even in lower light situations and the focus appears to be spot on without any input from me. I am itching to make use of the panorama feature as that was always good even on the old phone so I suspect it will be even more awesome on this new one.

I haven’t really tested the video quality yet as I just learned this morning that if you want to shoot in 60fps (i.e. full HD) you need to turn that on in the settings.

I was having a weird issue where if I had the phone in landscape orientation with the volume buttons facing down, the red record button wouldn’t respond when I pressed it. After speaking to an Apple rep and updating to iOS 8.0.2 this morning that issue is now gone. Whew!

The larger screen has made me want to play games on my phone again so if anyone has recommendations, please post a comment!

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Bats & Clues

September 22nd, 2014 No comments

I have a cold. I’ve actually had a sore throat since last Wednesday but no other cold symptoms until yesterday when my nose and eyes started running and I started sneezing often. Last night I went to bed at 9:30 pm and slept until 8 am, yet I’m still tired!

Despite not feeling well the weekend was pretty good. Friday night after dinner I ran to the AT&T store to get a case for my new phone. They didn’t have much of a selection but the guy showed us what he called the overstock drawer and I spotted the purple case I showed off in the last entry. Now I just need to get my hands on a spare lightning cable for use in my car and/or at the office and a 30-pin to lightning adapter so I can still use my spare portable battery when needed. I’m not a big hurry since I don’t anticipate having to charge my phone multiple times a day until it’s at least a year old.

Saturday afternoon E’s mom dropped him off and we played Angry Bird Star Wars II on the Wii until Joe got home from work. Then I made spaghetti and meatballs and my SIL joined us for dinner. She brought my favorite dog, Bella, along to visit. They are both moving back to Arizona in two weeks which sucks.


After dinner we played Catchphrase which I had borrowed from the library. It’s very similar to Taboo except for the annoying beeping when you’re trying to think of a clue. Plus after several rounds we were getting all the same clues already. After we grew tired of the game we switched to Uno Attack.

After my SIL left we watched the Christmas Vacation movie since E had never seen it.

Sunday morning Joe and I went to Target while E stayed home to play video games. I came across these self-adhesive bats in the Halloween section and bought all three boxes they had left. I had seen them last year and by the time I decided to get them they were completely sold out. With my 20% Cartwheel discount they were only $4 each. I love bats and can’t wait to put these up! I also got some Martha Stewart ones from Michael’s for around $6 so we’ll see how they compare.

Halloween Bats Self Adhesive Decor

I also couldn’t resist this cute owl insulated cup. I have a few I bought years ago and the seal on them is now broken so I plan to use this one for work.

2014-09-22 13.43.13

After our lengthy Target trip we played CLUE – Big Bang Theory with E and had pizzas (Target’s Market Pantry brand aren’t bad for $2.50 each; we tried them on recommendation of a coworker of mine) before dropping E off at home.

CLUE - Big Bang Theory Edition

Today I ran to the library to drop off some stuff that was due and picked up a couple of books to read. I also stopped at Target to grab some cold medicine since I finished what we had last night. I love drinking that stuff; you go off to la-la land quickly. I hope to get some extra rest tonight since it’s back to work tomorrow.

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iPhone 6 Case

September 19th, 2014 No comments

I ran out to the AT&T store tonight to look at cases since I was afraid to take my new phone out of my pocket (which thankfully, it still fits inside) otherwise. I ended up buying the tough case by Case Mate in purple (naturally).


It doesn’t add much extra weight or thickness which is perfect. It’s actually the most expensive iPhone case I’ve ever purchased at $30 but it was well worth it to protect my $400 phone!

I’m loving the new screen size and features of iOS 8 so far too. I haven’t been able to test out the camera yet, though, because traditionally the first photo I always take with my new iPhone is of Joe and he got home late. So tomorrow I’ll be testing it out on the rats taking photos and videos in natural light.

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iPhone 6 Has Arrived

September 19th, 2014 No comments

It’s here! Just went I stopped jumping up and checking the door after every sound I heard, the UPS man arrived with my new phone. I was actually playing Angry Birds Star Wars II on my 4S (had just downloaded it) when I was scared by him ringing the doorbell and simultaneously knocking on the door.


This photo was taken with the 4S and is grainy. I hear the new phone’s camera will be much better. I sure hope so!


First impression – this thing is tall! It’s going to take some getting used to. Right now I’m impatiently waiting for the darn thing to finish restoring from my 4S backup so I can play with the new settings. Come on, iTunes!

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Winston on Cute Overload

September 19th, 2014 No comments

My former rat, Winston, was featured on Cute Overload last month!


I miss this cutie. All he ever wanted to do was cuddle with me.

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