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Loose Dog

April 21st, 2022 Comments off

On the way home from picking up Taco Bell yesterday we saw a dog running loose in the neighborhood, dragging a leash behind it. Joe got out of the car but the dog wasn’t interested in coming near him, so we drove around the neighborhood to see if anyone was out looking for it.

We didn’t see anyone, and when we returned back to our part of the subdivision, we saw the dog sitting in front of a door to one of the townhomes.

Joe went to see if he could check for a tag, but the dog kept growling at him. We ended up going home and posting the details on Nextdoor and a local Facebook group.

No one commented on my Nextdoor post, but Joe’s Facebook post got some activity. Someone suggested calling the police, which hadn’t occurred to either of us, so I did that. Other people went out to look for it (as it wasn’t where we last saw it once the police arrived). Luckily someone posted that it was eventually captured and returned to its owner. I can only guess it was far from where it was being walked when it got loose which is why we didn’t see anyone looking for it.

Since hindsight is 20/20, I wish we had stayed by the house where it was cornered and called the police so they could have grabbed it sooner, thus reducing the chance it would get hit by a car. I blame my hanger because I was feeling faint and needed to eat and the whole delayed that process. That’s what I get for waiting until I was already starving to go get food!

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New Neighbors

April 9th, 2022 Comments off

We have new neighbors as of March 31st. I think they’re a late thirties white couple with a son who is around 10-12 but I’m not absolutely sure yet. I’m just going by what I’ve seen on our video doorbell.

They don’t seem to have a dog like the last tenants (the place is being rented), so there are a lot fewer video doorbell alerts than before which is nice. They seem to primarily use the garage for coming and going like we do, although they park both their vehicles in the driveway. They must both work out of the home as both their vehicles disappear sometime around 8 am and then reappear between 4 and 6 each weeknight.

I was worried I might have seen the woman out on their patio smoking the first day (she was standing with her back to our unit so I couldn’t see much), but I haven’t seen her out there since so hopefully they’re non-smokers as I’m looking forward to spending a lot of time on the patio this summer.

My biggest concerns other than them being smokers was them putting their TV on our shared wall instead of over the fireplace, but either they didn’t do that, or they don’t blast it like one of our former neighbors (several neighbors back), so that’s good. We didn’t hear them at all when they had visitors yesterday, in fact, and wouldn’t have known if not for the doorbell alert.

So to summarize, so far I have no complaints. I really hope it stays that way!

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Mixed Signals From The Neighbor

December 16th, 2021 Comments off

I’m trying to wrap my head around why my neighbor from across the street, who was so excited about getting a puppy that she brought it over to our house to meet it (on Nov 21st), then asked for my phone number, yet beyond our initial text exchange (to set each other up in our phones), has never texted or called me. In addition to that, she didn’t respond to the text message I sent her two days ago. So… you don’t want to be friends then? Talk about sending mixed signals! YOU asked ME for MY number! SMH

P.S. The puppy is an adorable cream Maltipoo named Chloe that was only 1.5 lbs at the time we met her. I was really hoping when she got bigger she could have a doggie playdate with Wookie but I’m guessing the neighbor changed her mind? People confuse me…

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July 4th, 2020 Comments off

I’m happy that both of our immediate neighbors are quiet and considerate. It wasn’t always this way but it’s been really good the last two years. The neighbors around the corner and down the block, though? Not so much. The more I see them, the more I dislike them.

It started when they moved in and let their fire alarm beep for days on end with their windows open before I had to ask them to change the battery because I could hear it across the courtyard and no doubt everyone else could as well. They didn’t care because at the time they weren’t moved in yet. Why leave the windows open the entire night if you’re not even home? That’s insane to me.

Then last week they were walking around the neighborhood while their kids rode their bikes … all over everyone’s grass. The sidewalk is plenty wide enough.

The other day their kids were bouncing a basketball off their neighbor’s garage door. Talk about rude!

This morning we saw Jolly Ranger wrappers all over the grass around their unit, plus their garbage cans are sitting outside when the deadline to put them away was 7 am yesterday.

I’m just happy that for the most part I only have to deal with them when I take Wookie on walks. If they lived next to me we’d have issues. That being said, I am tempted to create a new email address so I can report them to the association anonymously. Can’t let on who I am since they will probably find something else to take issue with at our place. Ugh!

I don’t know why I even bother, though. There are some small trees near the pool that some kids broke the branches on. The landscapers removed the broken branch that was hanging from one of the trees but didn’t cut off the extremely sharp tip that a kid could easily impale themselves on. I reported it a week and a half ago. Do you think when the landscapers came back they fixed it? That would be a big no.

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Landscaping & Associations

July 3rd, 2020 Comments off

We ventured out to Home Depot and Menards a few weeks ago in an attempt to spruce up our patio. We bought Salvia for the patio planter at Home Depot in hopes that it will attract hummingbirds and butterflies. I also picked up this cute succulent at Menards for only $2.50.


It’s a Echeveria pulidonis. I named him Mr. Cuddles.

Approximately a week later we also bought a bunch of mulch from Menards and river rock from Lowes since the landscapers have not been doing a great job of keeping the area nice. Hopefully we won’t get in trouble for adding the rock to the areas near where the gutters drain and where there was previously just dirt by the air conditioner.

River Rock

It’s bad enough we had to buy our own gutter extensions to keep rain water away from the building.

I bought some sunflowers from Meijer too but in less than a week the squirrels ate them all so I never got a good photo of them. Lesson learned – don’t buy sunflowers and don’t feed the squirrels so they aren’t encouraged to visit.

Luckily the petunias in the hanging baskets we got 2/$10 at Lowes are thriving. Now I understand why my grandmother always planted them – they are hardy and animals seem to leave them alone.

Multicolored Petunias

Purple Petunias

The seeds from Dollar Tree are sprouting too, so we have a pretty nice looking patio.

Flower Seeds


The small box ones went into pots in the front of our unit but there’s not a bunch of growth on those yet.

Now, if only we could find a decent table and chair set that won’t break the bank. No one seems to have what we’re looking for and it’s frustrating. I’m not spending $500 on our small patio. I found a really cute 5×7 outdoor rug at Walmart for only $35 but it’s sold out everywhere, including the store where they claimed there were two left, so that was disappointing. Not that we can sit outside very often lately with how hot it’s been. Maybe by the time it cools off we’ll have found something suitable.

A few weeks ago before we did anything with the mulch and rock I emailed the association to ask about the landscaping rules because I’m not very fond of the rose bush out back. They said we needed to fill out some request form which includes descriptions of work, the company hired to do said work, etc. I was merely asking about removing a bush, not asking to build a gazebo! Suspiciously enough, 10 days later we got a violation for having a security sign in front of our home. Never mind the fact that it’s been there ten years (no exaggeration). From talking to another neighbor, people seem to be issued violations after requesting things of the association. Real nice, huh? I mentioned this to another neighbor who also had a security sign out front and he took his down even though he wasn’t sent a violation. There’s one a block away, though, so clearly we were targeted or they would have asked everyone with signs to take them down. I removed ours but requested a discussion at the next board meeting because I think an exception should be made for security signs (the rules state no signs at all are permitted).

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