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New Neighbors

April 19th, 2018 No comments

Last week I met one of our new neighbors. A couple moved in, but I’ve yet to meet the woman, let alone even see her. The most we’ve seen is her car, but on one of the only above 60 degree days we had last week, I took Wookie for a walk and the guy next door (C) was in his garage. He came out to introduce himself and even invited me in to see their place which was cool.

I was surprised by how dark it was in there compared to our place. I think the combination of dark wood floors, the absence of high windows, and them keeping the blinds closed contributed to the stark difference. I much prefer all the natural sunlight we get in our unit. Plus the echo in their place was terrible with all the hard floors and no throw rugs. C assured me they are on the list and I’m hoping they get some soon because even though their TV is mounted above the fireplace (which is not a shared wall), sometimes we can still hear it! I mentioned that in passing to him when we met and he said to let him know if it’s ever too loud. I’m not so petty to march over there every time, though, so long as it’s not for hours on end and/or late at night I’m not planning on saying anything. So far it’s only happened twice more since we met. I’m guessing once they get rugs it might dampen the noise some. He’s a loud talker so you’d think they would want to eliminate that echo ASAP.

He also likes to talk in general so I learned a lot about him and his girlfriend – they moved from the city, he works from home in I.T. sales, and she works in Arlington Heights. They have three cats and a small saltwater fish tank in the dining room. Oh, and he has a motorcycle which he likes to ride daily which kinda sucks because I find the noise pretty jarring.

One of these days we might be able to afford a free-standing house somewhere, preferably with lots of land. I’m only a people person when they aren’t making noise or being annoying, so rarely, ha ha. Although on the plus side at least he’s nice and they put their garbage cans away promptly after pickup.

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Rainy Day Saturday & Garage Sale Prep

June 5th, 2016 Comments off

It rained all day yesterday and we didn’t leave the house. In the morning I pulled out all the toiletries, medications, etc. and organized them as well as labeled the box with all the first aid related stuff in the hall closet. Oh, and I documented what we have and its location in Evernote. I love using that app to track our stuff. Proof it would have helped – I found two unopened packages of floss. I just bought some recently not knowing we already had plenty.

I came across even more stuff to sell for our upcoming garage sale as well. On one hand I’m getting anxious that we haven’t just had the sale so we can get it over with (I’m not looking forward to it because I hate dealing with cheap people) but on the other hand I’m glad we didn’t rush into it since we’re still coming across stuff we’d like to sell. Case in point: today I went through all my purses and bags and am getting rid of a decent pile. It feels good pairing down our stuff!

I forgot to mention the Dollar Tree is a great place to get garage sale supplies. They have nice sturdy plastic signs that say Garage Sale in red on them and empty white space below to write an address or put an arrow. Friday we bought black adhesive numbers so we can put the street number in that space for the sign outside our subdivision. They also have price stickers. The package includes multiple round stickers, with standard prices on them. There are also some blank stickers as well as some that say “make an offer”. It will make pricing our stuff tomorrow easier.

After a productive morning we spent a good portion of the day playing the Disney Tsum Tsum game we’re both addicted to now. Then we watched Dirty Grandpa which was mediocre. J kept pestering me about seeing it but I think it had a predictable ending and seemed to only exist so the characters could throw around “creative” insults. That’s my take, anyway.

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Block Party

August 9th, 2015 Comments off

I forgot to mention that Saturday evening there was a block party in the neighborhood. I made two batches of brownies and brought them over. I was a bit dismayed to see a plate of brownies already there but not as much after tasting them – mine were much better. ;)

Anyway, we made conversation with our neighbor across the street and the woman who organized the event but most people segregated off into groups who already knew each other so after eating and hanging out for an hour we left. I always feel awkward at such events. I don’t dislike socializing but I’m not the type of person to approach strangers and strike up a conversation. If someone does the same to me, however, I’m happy to speak to them.

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New Neighbors’ Dog

April 5th, 2015 2 comments

So either our new neighbors went out and got a dog, or someone was watching theirs while they settled in because I saw them with a dog this weekend. That same dog is now barking its head off because no one is home. Lucky us.

Just ONCE I’d like to live next to quiet. Apparently the only way we’ll ever get that is by buying a house on a large plot of land away from everyone else. Because being quiet is clearly a challenge for the majority of the population. Or at least 100% of our neighbors. Ugh!

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New Neighbors

March 16th, 2015 Comments off

When we got home yesterday there were people moving into the place next door. Our old neighbors abruptly moved out about a month ago and there had been a steady stream of people checking out the place ever since. We’re still not entirely sure who has moved in, but based on our snooping from behind the blinds it looks to be a couple with a small child (a girl, actually, based on the purple & pink children’s furniture they were moving in).

Also, based on the fact that someone was home all day today but I didn’t once hear or see them, I’m guessing their are neither smokers or dog owners. Perhaps we’ve finally won the neighbor lottery!

Now if they could start using their garage at some point I’d be thrilled. Right now they are parking both cars in the driveway and using the front door which makes a lot of noise due to the shared wall. I’m hoping it’s only temporary until they can organize their stuff and make room for their vehicles. What’s the point of a two car garage if you only fill it with junk? Trust me, we have a ton of stuff and we still manage to fit both vehicles in our garage. We rarely use the front door. I think I open it more to retrieve packages than to go in and out of the house.

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