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Weekly Accomplishments

May 9th, 2020 No comments

Monday (05/04) – I went through my recipe binder and threw out the ones we never make, then reorganized what was left, adding in new ones I’ve been making for awhile but haven’t printed out.

Tuesday (05/05) – I gathered all our old “homemade” VHS tapes and the VCR to figure out what was on them and whether any were worth retaining. There were not. So I recycled their cardboard cases, destroyed the actual tapes (not sure why, but I just didn’t want them to be playable), and threw them away. Felt good to get rid of them after they’ve been sitting on a bookshelf for over ten years. I can’t get rid of the VCR, however, because I have some Cure tapes that cannot be viewed any other way. I need to look into whether I can digitize them myself. I guess that’s my next big project.

Wednesday (05/06) – Cleaned and reorganized the junk drawer.

Thursday (05/07) – Finished scanning in my CDs to complete our media cataloging project.

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More Spring Cleaning & Home Projects

May 2nd, 2020 No comments

This past Sunday (4/26) it was warm enough outside for us to get in the garage to do some decluttering. Initially it was in the hopes to make room for a deep freeze, but we’ve decided against that. It was nice to go through all the empty boxes and consolidate the boxes of things we’d like to donate once Savers is open again. Plus we cleaned out the box where we keep extra computer parts. I also went through my trunk and cleaned that up a little.

About a year and a half ago a woman I know from the local dog park gave me her old doggy stroller. It’s been sitting unused in the garage because we haven’t had an occasion to use it, until we were doing our declutter. I put Wookie in the stroller so she could hang out with us without getting in the way. I pushed her around the block afterward but she really didn’t like that because she wanted to get out and explore all the smells. She doesn’t mind sitting in it when it’s not moving, though. I had thought about getting rid of it but I think it will come in handy when we’re sitting on the patio or out in front and she wants to be with us. I ended up cleaning it real good yesterday and today she sat in it for two hours while we worked on the garage some more. We consolidated some storage totes, broke down a bunch of empty boxes for recycling, added some wood shavings to old paint we want to discard, and cleaned up our bikes.

Other things I’ve done recently:

Rearranged the hall closet again and removed some towels we rarely used. I put them in space bags under the bed in the master bedroom.

Cleaned out the workout room closet so it’s ready for future guests and threw out a torn comforter and an old yellowed pillow.

Rearranged Joe’s side of the master bathroom cabinet.

Sharpened all our knives.

Rearranged the freezer.

Filed some paperwork that was piling up.

Made homemade hummus & zucchini bread, both of which turned out delicious.

Planted some green onion bulbs.

While working on the hall closet I found a brand new throw rug which is perfect timing since the rubber backing on the one in front of the stove was crumbling. I was having a hard time finding a suitable replacement online. There are some things that are just too hard to shop for remotely. We had been in the process of changing the color scheme in the master bathroom and had already purchased new towels before the lockdown went in place. I can’t seem to find a shower curtain or bathroom rugs I like, so we’ll have to wait until this is all over before we finish that process.

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New Vacuum Cleaner

April 20th, 2020 No comments

We recently purchased a new vacuum cleaner to replace the one we’ve had since moving into our current home nearly sixteen years ago.

I looked online at different models, and really liked the tools/features Bissell offered at an affordable price ($110 from Amazon). It also didn’t hurt that it’s my favorite color. :)

Bissell Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

The day after it was delivered, I vacuumed the house and there was so much dust (which looks like sand in the canister) and dust bunnies it was unbelievable! Granted, it had been two weeks since we last vacuumed (we usually do it weekly), but I was still shocked.

I vacuumed again four days later and while the accumulation wasn’t as much as before, there was still a decent amount of dirt in the canister. Since we don’t wear shoes inside, we wipe Wookie’s paws after every walk, and she doesn’t shed, it’s amazing to me that so much stuff had accumulated so quickly. I can see and feel a difference in the carpet – its fluffier and literally looks cleaner. I guess that old vacuum just wasn’t doing its job.

I initially had mixed feelings about the new vacuum, and while I like it more after using it a few more times, it’s still not perfect by any means.


Powerful suction – lets me clean the bare floors without needing the attachments.

Lightweight – makes it easy to push and carry upstairs.

Convenient storage – the cord is stored in the machine and rewinds with the push of a button and all the attachments clip securely to the unit.

No bags or filters that need to be replaced.


I don’t like how dusty the machine gets when emptying the canister and there’s no HEPA filter (apparently Bissell doesn’t use HEPA in ANY of their vacuums for some reason).

It tips over easily when using the hose (even if I have it right next to me) so I’ve been hit in the head multiple times already.

It’s loud (88 decibels), so I need to use ear protection.

It sucks up small throw rugs (like ones by our doors or in the bathrooms) because you can’t reduce the suction power, so vacuuming those has become a two-person job – Joe holds them down while I vacuum one end, then flips it around to do the other side.

I might be expecting too much for the price of the vacuum. Plus how would I even return it during this time, or find one that doesn’t do the same thing without spending 3-4x more? It probably isn’t worth the hassle. I’m sure I’ll adjust to all its quirks in due time. Plus it does in fact clean very well which is the whole reason we bought it.

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Spring Cleaning

April 7th, 2020 No comments

I’ve been on a cleaning/organizing frenzy lately. Partly out of boredom, but also because I actually enjoy doing it, and thankfully now that the brain fog and fatigue have lifted, I have the energy and mental clarity to do so.

At this point if my ear issues went away I would feel about 85% back to normal. I can only hope they too resolve or at least lessen over time. I’m not even sure why I’m feeling better, although I have some ideas, but I’ll write about that in a separate post at some point.

I wanted to document in detail what we’ve been doing around the house.

Master bedroom closet – Got rid of some old bras I had been hanging onto for some reason. As if I don’t have a drawer in my dresser overflowing with them! The irony is I rarely even wear bras these days, but that will change once life gets back to normal.

My nightstand and dresser – I moved my leggings from the closet to my dresser, bras I use infrequently from the dresser to the closet, and just straightened up all my lounge wear. I haven’t purchased any new clothes other than a pair of jeans and two packs of underwear (went down multiple sizes when I lost weight and am still at the lowest I’ve ever been) in nearly a year. I miss going to Savers, but I’m still getting rid of clothes so clearly I don’t need any.

Master bathroom cabinets – Just rearranged things in there since it got messy and I had placed an online order with Target to replenish some personal care items that were getting low.

Since this lockdown we haven’t left the house other than to take Wookie on a walk around the neighborhood. We did go on a drive one day in my car (Joe drove) but stayed close to home. We drove past my old employer and there were lots of cars in the parking lot. I’m so glad I no longer work there!

Hall closet – I just rearranged it a bit as it wasn’t cluttered.

Kitchen cabinets – We have too many glasses thanks to gifts we’ve received. I stacked them so they take up less space, and rearranged our lesser used kitchen appliances. We bought new dinnerware/plates (whatever you want to call it) in February to replace these after I read how most plates have lead in them. I was tired of all the mismatched bowls and plates anyway. We got Corelle white glass dinnerware which I’m really liking. We bought a set from Amazon and then purchased additional cereal and pasta bowls from Walmart. They are lighter and stack nicely in the cabinets and dishwasher.

Refrigerator shelves – Wiped them down. I had done a full cleaning of the inside a month and a half ago so it wasn’t looking too bad.

Medical paperwork and entire desk area – I was dreading working on this but it had to be done, and now I feel better. Plus my desk is is so clean and streamlined which makes me happy.

Pantry – I’m always rearranging our pantry, but Joe organized our second pantry in the workout room a few days ago since we’ve stocked up on more food than we usually do. We would just rather not have to go out every week for supplies to reduce our chances of catching anything.

Under the kitchen sink – I just finished rearranging this area yesterday, in fact. I gave it a huge overhaul in February of last year so I just moved things around to make it more convenient to grab the most frequently used items. Plus I switched from using a bucket to a caddy when cleaning around the house. It was harder to see stuff in the bucket because it would get buried. I’m really not sure why I switched from the caddy to the bucket in the first place.

Other things I organized this morning – under the bed in the master bedroom and the buffet table by the front door. I also got out all the rechargeable batteries and recharged them in anticipation of getting this battery case from Amazon soon:

Battery Case

Battery Case

Right now they’re stored in a cheap plastic box and there’s no way to keep them from falling over or rolling around which is super annoying.

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Home/Life Maintenance

May 31st, 2019 Comments off

Just a quick list of things we’ve taken care of in the past month for future reference.

Bought a new Winex air purifier from Costco for the master bedroom.

Reorganized part of the garage.

Switched my car’s floor mats back to the fabric ones for the summer.

Repainted the numbers over the garage.

Purchased vehicle stickers and Wookie’s city tag.

Planted wildflowers in boxes on the patio. Used Dollar Tree ones so who knows what will come of that.

Joe’s dad visited for a few days.

Purchased license plate sticker for Joe’s car.

Had HVAC inspected/cleaned. Unfortunately they couldn’t find source of musty smell I keep noticing. So $90 not necessarily well spent, but I guess after seven years it was due for an inspection anyway. They didn’t think our air ducts were dirty enough to justify a cleaning so $350 saved I guess?

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