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Home Depot is Dog Friendly

July 17th, 2017 No comments

Did you know you can bring your dog to Home Depot? I remember reading it somewhere so I called the one near us to confirm and they said yes. So after a walk with Wookie at Community Park in Carol Stream, which we hadn’t visited before but won’t be returning to because it sucked, we took her with us into the Depot to look at transition pieces. We never put one in between the dining room floor and the living room carpet but we need to now that Wookie exists because she was chewing on the carpeting. As a temporary fix we moved the couch back a few inches to hang over the transition and put a throw rug down in the walkway. Unfortunately, not only did they lack pieces that would match the color of the laminate in the dining room, they were extremely expensive compared to the prices at Hobo ($30+ compared to $13 per piece, of which we’ll need two). So we’ll be heading back to Hobo at some point so we can stop using the stupid throw rug which I’ve nearly tripped and killed myself on more than once. 

Honestly, I was pretty surprised when the Home Depot employee I spoke with indicated they have dogs in the store all the time since I don’t recall ever seeing one in all the times we’ve shopped there. Coincidentally, as we were leaving the store a couple was coming in with their Chihuahua. The woman glanced at Wookie in the cart and kinda chuckled. I wonder if they had also never seen another dog there as well. 

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Petsmart & Wood By Sink

May 1st, 2017 Comments off

I really can’t stand it when people insist on trying to get my dog to come to them even after I’ve explained that she is people shy. This dude at the Petsmart earlier today would not let it go. I made sure to stand with her in the vestibule when we left since he was dilly-dallying going to his car and I didn’t want him to bug us in the parking lot too. He seemed a little shady to be honest.

The reason we even went to Petsmart to begin with is because Wookie won’t stop chewing on inappropriate things so I wanted to buy some bitter apple spray. So far she has eaten part of the carpet where it meets the dining room floor, has chewed the corners of the throw rugs in the dining room, and yesterday was chewing on the dining room chairs. Today she destroyed the molding by the sink which she has never even bothered before. We just replaced the wood paneling there yesterday (and one piece of the molding) because the woodgrain sticker on the particle board had become loose years beforehand when our old dishwasher leaked and caused that sticker to bubble. Wookie started pawing at it until it was torn and looked like hell. Had we known a new piece was only $4 at Menards we probably would have replaced it years ago. The color we chose matches our cabinets better so that’s pretty cool.

I’m kicking myself for buying the bitter apple at Petsmart, though, because I remembered Amazon’s pricing incorrectly (I looked it up before leaving the house) and seriously overpaid for it. $16.49 for a 16 oz bottle and I’m not even sure if it works. I am seriously tempted to return it and order a refill bottle from Amazon for half the price. I can buy a little spray bottle for $1 in Walmart’s travel section and save myself some money. Petsmart had toys on sale too – buy 2 get 1 free – so of course I had to get a few things.

Wookie loves the beaver from her puppy training class and they finally had it in stock, and she loves anything with tassles. The fox toy ended up being the free one.

I really need to get Wookie groomed soon but it seems to be turning into a real pita getting in touch with anyone. Maybe it’s because I’m phone-adverse and have been sending FB messages these businesses aren’t interested in even looking at, let alone return. I contacted a mobile groomer on Friday evening to get a price quote and never heard back. Then before leaving for Petsmart I called this one natural pet food store about their grooming and the next available Friday isn’t until May 12th, so I messaged Wookie’s original groomer and she hasn’t gotten back to me yet either.

After contacting the groomers I decided to brush Wookie to ensure she doesn’t have any mats on the small chance I would be able to get her a grooming appointment today. That doesn’t look promising, but she did have a few mats around her legs that I was able to remove. Between that and her Petsmart adventure she was so pooped that she passed out on the couch shortly after we got home.

I too would like to go back to bed. This entire weekend has been a bust. The original plan was to go car shopping on Saturday and to Lilacia Park on Sunday, neither of which happened thanks to the cold rainy weather. I feel depressed for the first time since November and it sucks.

Oh, and we learned that Wookie does in fact still have baby teeth when we were poking around in her mouth the other day and Joe noted a tooth was loose. So I shouldn’t have been giving her the dental chews yet like I have been. I need to just brush her teeth daily until her adult teeth are all in. She left the tooth in my hand when playing with her this morning by the way. That’s the first one she hasn’t swallowed.

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February 10th, 2017 Comments off

I’m not sure whether I ever wrote about the issues we’ve had with our dryer for over a year. We actually attempted to replace it last year but the one we purchased from Menards was broken. Then the replacement model was dented so we gave up and requested a refund. I didn’t care for the way the back of it was designed anyway since it stuck out more in the room which is narrow enough as it is. 

Since then the dryer would heat up sporadically. It got to the point recently that most of the time it wouldn’t heat up at all which meant the clothes would tumble dry for hours. Joe decided to take a chance and order a part that might be the issue and since installing it last  weekend everything has worked flawlessly. To say I’m relieved is an understatement – it was frustrating how long a single load of laundry would take to dry, not to mention how high our electric bill was from running it so much. Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. The kicker? That part was less than $20. 

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Patio Door

February 6th, 2017 Comments off

We’ve been discussing replacing our patio door and even had a couple of window places out to the house for a quote but their prices were ridiculous. I’m not paying $3500+.

We cancelled a couple of quotes because we were done with all the bullshit and sitting through presentations only to be quoted a price way higher than what we want to spend. One guy absolutely refused to give us a price without a presentation so we decided to forgo the whole process.

We went to Menards on Sunday and they said a vinyl version (made by Jeld-Wen no less) of our same door would be $1000. Now we just have to figure out whether to pay someone to install it or have Joe do it himself. Somehow I doubt the doors these companies were trying to sell us are 2-4x better than what Menards sells. Maybe they are a little nicer but I think they just mark up the price and/or charge a ton for labor. The whole thing is a ripoff if you ask me.

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Weekend Recap

January 16th, 2017 Comments off

Friday 1/13

Slept in until just before 8 am which would have been more restful had I not gone to bed around midnight! I always do that to myself, ugh!

Did some cleaning (vacuumed downstairs, cleaned the laundry room and guest bathroom, dusted downstairs, did some laundry, and emptied the dishwasher), paid some bills, and helped my dad with his computer. That was a frustrating hour and a half because his computer doesn’t like to update Adobe Flash so we ended up downloading Google Chrome but then he forgot his Yahoo Mail password so that took awhile to resolve. But now he should be good and flash will automatically update in the background through Chrome. I don’t know what happened to Firefox but it’s a completely shitty browser these days. I moved to Chrome probably a year ago after Firefox would get incredibly slow for no reason.

Wookie managed to knock the coat rack over and it fell on her but didn’t seem to hit her head. She was sleepy shortly afterwards so out of an abundance of caution I didn’t end up going to the library as planned so I could keep a watchful eye on her just in case. She’s quite the handful but I honestly love her so damn much.

I ended up making a chicken taco soup in the crockpot. I got the idea from Pinterest but didn’t use the exact ingredients in the recipe since I didn’t have them on hand but it still came out quite good.

When Joe got home from work we ran to Dairy Queen for BOGO Blizzards. I got cookie dough and he got Reese’s since they got rid of the Snickers flavor for some reason even though it’s a popular one.

Joe had grabbed a copy of Sully from the library on his way home from work so I finally got to watch it since I didn’t want to before our trip to Arizona. I thought it was done well but even knowing that everyone survived I felt incredibly anxious and teary-eyed during the flight scenes. It was very nice to see everyone come together to help one another once the plane was in the water.

Saturday 1/14

Joe had to work so I slept in until 7:30, started some laundry, and then played with Wookie while catching up on backing up and uploading all the videos I’ve taken over the past few months. I also starting cleaning up my backed up camera roll before I ran out of space.

Joe came home from work around noon so we went out for lunch at Potbelly’s. We haven’t been there in forever even though we always enjoy it. I had the skinny turkey without mayo to reduce some empty calorie consumption and it was still delicious. I wish I had gotten the multigrain bread instead of white but wasn’t sure until I tried Joe’s. Now I’ll know for next time.

Before lunch Joe needed to get gas and while I was waiting in the car I spotted the Petco and asked if we could stop in there to look at dog beds. We actually found one I really liked for $20 which isn’t too bad. I also grabbed a few inexpensive toys.

After lunch I spotted an Office Max and decided to look for a new wallet because I hate regular women’s wallets – they’re huge and never fit in the small section inside purses so I use a business card holder instead. Mine is several years old from Staples which no longer exists by us and is cracked along the top because I tend to overfill it, so I needed a new one. I found a Samsonite one for $10.

We also went to Walmart where we got more dog toys (is this girl spoiled or what?) and Target as well. Here’s Wookie’s loot:

Wookies New Stuff

The bed, purple ring, and red ball are from Petco and the other items are from Walmart. That three pack of balls was a waste even at less than $1 because she destroyed one in less than 10 minutes. It’s too bad because it really kept her occupied.

After dropping off our groceries we went to Aldi and then Nothing Bundt Cakes for my free birthday buntlett. I went with white chocolate raspberry and we also got a lemon one. Then we went across the street to Red Mango since they put 500 points in my account (which is worth $5). I got the Nutella and peanut butter swirl with fresh strawberries. I didn’t fill the cup up even half-way and Joe was teasing me that it wasn’t enough but those kind of places are so expensive that it came to $4.77 anyway so my credit covered it 100%.

After all that running around we came home to relax and play with Wookie. She ended up getting some soft poop on her butt so we had to throw her in the tub. I only wanted to wash her paws and butt but she freaked out running around the tub so much that she got wet all over. Then she was shaking and wouldn’t let us dry her so I let her run around the rat room to air dry. She used to be much better about baths but now that she’s comfortable here she acts like a brat. Hopefully she will calm down as she gets older.

Sunday 1/15

Joe had to work again so I slept until about 8 and then showered, fed and played with Wookie, and went to Savers when it opened at 10 am. Everything was 50% off which drew a decent crowd – there were a bunch of people waiting outside for them to open the doors. I just sat in my car until everyone was inside. I tried on several sweaters and a pair of fleece pajama pants but only bought one sweater for $4. I did, however, come home with not one, but two Vera Bradley wallets. I spotted the wallets when I exited the fitting room and decided to look since the business card holder I got at Office Max turned out not to be large enough to hold all my stuff. When I first came across both wallets I hesitated since I wasn’t sure if they’d work for me (and you can only do an exchange at Savers, not a refund) but both together only cost $4.50 so I figured it was worth the risk.



I absolutely love the brown/purple one! It fits everything I need and I can even zip my phone in there if I need to. As for the other one, I’m using it now to hold all the extra gift cards we have since there’s too many for me to carry around on me all the time.

Joe got off work a little before 11 am so he was home shortly after I got home from Savers. We headed to the mall to look around and I ended up buying a Kipling bag (Pammie is the style name) from Macy’s. It’s black even though it appears as dark brown in the below photo.

Pammie Tote

The store is closing and it was 20% off which means it was still expensive ($111.97 to be exact) but I really needed something bigger for a carry-on when we travel and it fits the bill. The smaller Kipling backpack I had barely fit anything although quality-wise it’s still perfect after four years (got it on our trip to Boston).

We had lunch at Red Robin since I had a free birthday burger on my rewards account. We don’t normally get an appetizer but decided to try their $5 fried pickles which were delicious!


We had the same waitress (Angela) we had last time we ate there who is a big Star Wars fan. I just so happened to be wearing my Star Wars hoodie which she immediately noticed and commented on liking. I was able to use up the small balances on two gift cards and paid the remaining amount due with a new gift card I recently got through Discover.

We browsed Kohl’s after lunch since I have $10 in Kohl’s cash but left empty-handed. We then swung by Costco for a couple of things and I got another set of wool socks since I can never have too many since my older ones have holes in them. Not 100% thrilled with the color combo but they were better than the brown ones they had since I don’t wear much brown.


Our last stop was Office Max for me to return the business card holder. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing and playing with Wookie. We actually went upstairs sometime between 8 and 9 just so we could watch a movie in peace since if Wookie isn’t out playing and can hear us in the living room she starts barking. We finally got around to eating our Nothing Bundt Cakes as well. I still have my Blizzard to tackle at some point. I keep forgetting about it and the fact that we bought a box of Dilly Bars!

Monday 1/16

I got up with Joe at 6 am so my schedule isn’t completely off come Tuesday. I was up around 5 am anyway and couldn’t sleep.

I did some cleaning upstairs including Milo’s cage, ran to the grocery store, and then took Wookie to the vet at 1 pm for more vaccinations (distemper and rabies). I took advantage of her fear of the vet to clip her nails before the vet came in the room since she only sits still on my lap when she’s scared. I also scheduled her spay and microchipping for mid February.

Once we got back around 2 pm I started working on dinner which was Crockpot Thai Peanut Chicken. I hate when recipes state a prep time of 5 minutes when you have to cut up chicken and mix a bunch of ingredients. It’s so misleading. It took me an hour. Granted, I had to defrost the chicken in the microwave first but even so it would not take only 5 minutes to do all that! At least it was tasty, although not so much so that I’d make it again for a very long time.

Wookie has been doing pretty good with her potty pad but tonight she peed all over the rug (more pee than usual) and then peed again in her playpen right outside her crate. I have to wonder if it’s somehow related to the medication she got today. I sure hope so, since having her use the pee pad consistently is nice.

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