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Weekend Recap

August 14th, 2017 No comments

Friday we had our friends EN & KM over for a movie night. We ordered deep dish from Lou Malnati’s and watched Grandma’s Boy which they both loved. Wookie was a bit apprehensive when they first came over but by the end of the night she was playing with them and actually wouldn’t stop going over by EN and getting in his face.

Didn’t do much Saturday except go shopping. We hit up Target and then later took Wookie to Petsmart (where we scored a free bag of food) and Petco looking for a new travel carrier since we’re flying out to Arizona soon and her old one is way too small. We almost got one at Petco but I’m glad we didn’t because I found the smaller version of the same carrier on their website for less and ordered it Saturday night. We also stopped by Chipotle to pick up food since I had a BOGO coupon.

Sunday, as noted in my other entry, was Indiana Beach.

Today we did a little more shopping and then went to the dentist for my cleaning which I had rescheduled from June because I was in too much pain at the time. Back then it was mostly my neck that was stiff and my top back teeth were sore and now it’s my teeth and I have ringing in my right ear. The x-rays the dentist took didn’t reveal a cause; he thinks it’s my sinuses even though I don’t have any drainage. I really should see a doctor, but I’m just feeling discouraged right now since when I saw my ENT two months ago he didn’t think any of my issues were in his realm. So I saw my primary care who gave me a steroid which helped resolve the neck issues but not the overall pressure in my face/head. I think I need to find a new ENT but I’m so tired of seeing doctors. At what point do I just give up, deal with the issues, and hope they eventually resolve on their own?

That being said, I’m contemplating being tested for Lyme Disease now that Brother # 2 was diagnosed with it since he’s had less symptoms than I have. A Google search has revealed that it’s possible my sudden increase in panic attacks and the ear ringing could be caused by Chronic Lyme. I was going to call the insurance today to try and find out how much the test would cost but at this point I don’t care because I need to at least rule it out as the cause of these mysterious ailments I’ve been having lately. I’m so tired of one medical issue after another. Rarely does a day go by that something isn’t feeling weird or causing me pain. It has made my already intense fear of dying worse than ever because I worry there’s something really wrong with me that no one has been able to diagnose yet and I’m going to die because it wasn’t caught in time.

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4th Of July Weekend

July 6th, 2017 No comments

Friday evening Joe went out for drinks with a work buddy so I decided to try and get caught up a little on Orange Is The New Black since season five just dropped and we were still only halfway through season 4. Joe is never really was in the mood to watch it so I warned him I wasn’t going to wait for him anymore. I knocked out five episodes but didn’t really enjoy them so he didn’t miss much. I think I might be over that show, and watching TV in general. We didn’t even turn it on at all last weekend. Nothing really holds my interest or gets me excited save for a few Netflix shows which we tend to binge watch within a week because we have no self control.

Saturday we took Wookie to the park to tire her out since we knew we’d be leaving her at home when we went to my parents house to celebrate the holiday prematurely. We stopped by B’s house first to meet his new dog, a nine year old poodle mix he and his girlfriend got from a friend who no longer wanted her. She’s really friendly and R sent me a Snapchat a couple of days later saying she’s enjoying the rope toy we brought her.

My mom decided we were doing Mexican food for the American holiday (lol) so I brought fixings for burrito bowls. Joe and B worked on running another ethernet cable from the router in the basement up to B’s old room where my mom likes to watch Netflix. The WiFi signal is weak in there, plus when we boosted it she was getting headaches, hence the need for the hard line. She wanted Joe to use the same hole that the cable comes through but it wasn’t wide enough so the plan was to cut the fittings off the cable line to remove it, widen the hole, and then put both lines through it. Only problem was Joe hadn’t anticipated needing to do that so we didn’t have any of the necessary equipment. We texted B since he does that kinda stuff for a living to see if he had any in his car (as even though we parted ways at the same time to head to my parents he was still en-route). Well, turns out he had the tools but no fittings, However, he just so happened to pass a Comcast truck on the way over, pulled up alongside to ask the tech if he had any fittings, and the guy gave him four. Hilarious!

Despite being at my parents’ for roughly 5 hours, we never got around to playing any games. Earlier in the day Joe learned that his mom had gone to the hospital with pain in her abdomen and was diagnosed with uterine cancer. She’s already had colon cancer, and possibly breast cancer too, so she’s not really interested in going through chemo again at her age (79). Joe’s sister and mom ended up calling him while we were at my parents’ so he spent some time downstairs speaking to them. Right now we’re not exactly sure what is going to happen until she has a few more tests to see whether the cancer is contained. If so, she can have a hysterectomy and if not, well, I guess that means she may not be with us much longer. Either way we need to make plans to go see her since nothing is guaranteed.

I love Joe’s mom and am sad that this is happening. I realize death is inevitable but I have difficulty accepting it and how it changes our lives. I’m absolutely terrified of dying or having anyone I love pass away. It just makes it feel like life is completely pointless. I’ve been having my own health issues lately and it’s very frustrating. Last night I had two back to back panic attacks. I took a Xanax when the first one started and then just as I was calming down it started up again so I had to take another. I didn’t get much sleep and I’ve spent most of the day just doing my chores slowly and resting in between because I’m afraid of triggering another one. My doctor put me on a low dose steroid for six days to help reduce the inflammation that was causing my neck to be stiff but I’m not sure it helped all that much but it certainly made my lymph nodes swell up and hurt one of the days. In addition, after certain doses my throat would catch when I swallowed and overall I just felt like my body wasn’t cooperating. Also, I’m learning now that some people experience withdrawal symptoms (even if they taper off like I did) which includes severe anxiety. My last dose was yesterday morning so I’m guessing it could be the reason for these panic attacks and the non-stop burning/reflux I’ve been having. Just what I need. I’m so sick of feeling like something is seriously wrong with me but no one can figure it out. It would be nice to just feel normal or get a non-life-threatening diagnosis so I could do something proactive about my health and feel better.


Sunday we went to Savers and I got a cute top I will probably wear to my friend’s party later this month. I always feel like I look like a slob so I’ve been on a mission to find some cute outfits that are also comfortable. I also got this strange little figurine that caught my eye at the mall.

It reminded me of the Skelanimals that were all the rage a few years ago.

Monday I did my usual cleaning since Joe was at work and Tuesday we grilled burgers and had a low-key holiday just the two of us. Wookie was not liking the fireworks on Monday and Tuesday nights and mostly hid under my desk. Unfortunately she will have to deal with them again next week when our town’s annual summerfest shoots off fireworks both Wednesday and Sunday nights.

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Car Shopping

May 8th, 2017 Comments off

Car shopping has to rank up there in aggravation with mattress shopping, although at least test-driving cars can be fun.

Saturday afternoon we headed to the Subaru dealership so I could test drive the Impreza. I was really liking the looks of the Crosstreks too so I decided to test drive one of those first. I didn’t care for the Impreza’s handling so I asked to drive the Crosstrek a second time and was sure at that point that I liked it better.

Originally I thought something was up with both vehicles because when we were at a red light I felt some strange shaking. Turns out it was the sales guy shaking his leg up and down! I proceeded to give him shit about it after that.

The main problem – they don’t offer the color combo I want. Of course they don’t because I’m picky and apparently what I like doesn’t align with the general public. It was bad enough when I learned only the Impreza has the larger touch screen and ability to link your Google maps via Apple Car Play, but when I learned I wouldn’t be able to get the color I wanted I was really bummed. Why oh why do manufacturers do this? I want the Quartz Blue Pearl with black cloth.

Nope, can’t get it. They only offer an ivory interior (cloth on the Premium or leather on the Limited) unless I want the basic model with a manual transmission. What the heck does the transmission have to do with the color combination? Getting an automatic is considered an upgrade anyway so why can’t I get the automatic with black cloth? I was ready to concede to the sport cloth, which isn’t my fave thanks to the orange stitching, if needed, but that’s not even an option in the Crosstrek, only the Impreza. But you can get the black interior with the ugly turquoise exterior. Ew. Why would people prefer that shade of blue over the one I like? Is my taste really that different? I don’t get it.

Needless to say we left without purchasing anything because I have to do some serious thinking. I really hate the idea of settling again. I did it with my Jetta (I wanted silver, not navy blue) and while it worked out, I’m kinda tired of not getting what I want especially when I’m going to have this next vehicle for at least ten years if not more (my Jetta is 17 years old). The Dark Silver Metallic isn’t terrible by any means, but the blue really pops with the moldings whereas the dark gray does not. Plus the blue is different enough that it would stand out in a parking lot and be easier to find.

To be honest, the whole experience turned me off to the idea of getting a new car at all. My Jetta’s air conditioning isn’t working though, so it’s going to make my (thankfully only 10 minutes) summer commute pretty uncomfortable. This is a huge decision, however, and I’m feeling overwhelmed.

I was even happier I didn’t settle when the following morning we were doing some research and learned the 2018 Crosstreks, which are being released this summer, will have the upgraded touch screens and Apple Car Play. We had asked the salesman about that and he feigned ignorance about what the 2018 models would have or when they were coming out. Considering all the info is on the Subaru website, however, I think he knew. That really pisses me off. He’d rather get a sale immediately than be honest and ensure we get what we want.

The only cool thing about the experience is that the city of Naperville built a test track for all the surrounding dealerships (at a steep monthly cost to them, we were told) which was very fun to drive. I enjoyed testing the car on that because otherwise you can’t get up to a decent speed on the streets in the area. I wish every dealership had access to something like that.

I think we’re going to look at Ford again just so I cover all my bases. I really felt like Subaru was going to be it but now I’m not sure. Even with the upgraded technology in the 2018 models I doubt I’ll be able to get the color combo I had my heart set on and that sucks.

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Petsmart & Wood By Sink

May 1st, 2017 Comments off

I really can’t stand it when people insist on trying to get my dog to come to them even after I’ve explained that she is people shy. This dude at the Petsmart earlier today would not let it go. I made sure to stand with her in the vestibule when we left since he was dilly-dallying going to his car and I didn’t want him to bug us in the parking lot too. He seemed a little shady to be honest.

The reason we even went to Petsmart to begin with is because Wookie won’t stop chewing on inappropriate things so I wanted to buy some bitter apple spray. So far she has eaten part of the carpet where it meets the dining room floor, has chewed the corners of the throw rugs in the dining room, and yesterday was chewing on the dining room chairs. Today she destroyed the molding by the sink which she has never even bothered before. We just replaced the wood paneling there yesterday (and one piece of the molding) because the woodgrain sticker on the particle board had become loose years beforehand when our old dishwasher leaked and caused that sticker to bubble. Wookie started pawing at it until it was torn and looked like hell. Had we known a new piece was only $4 at Menards we probably would have replaced it years ago. The color we chose matches our cabinets better so that’s pretty cool.

I’m kicking myself for buying the bitter apple at Petsmart, though, because I remembered Amazon’s pricing incorrectly (I looked it up before leaving the house) and seriously overpaid for it. $16.49 for a 16 oz bottle and I’m not even sure if it works. I am seriously tempted to return it and order a refill bottle from Amazon for half the price. I can buy a little spray bottle for $1 in Walmart’s travel section and save myself some money. Petsmart had toys on sale too – buy 2 get 1 free – so of course I had to get a few things.

Wookie loves the beaver from her puppy training class and they finally had it in stock, and she loves anything with tassles. The fox toy ended up being the free one.

I really need to get Wookie groomed soon but it seems to be turning into a real pita getting in touch with anyone. Maybe it’s because I’m phone-adverse and have been sending FB messages these businesses aren’t interested in even looking at, let alone return. I contacted a mobile groomer on Friday evening to get a price quote and never heard back. Then before leaving for Petsmart I called this one natural pet food store about their grooming and the next available Friday isn’t until May 12th, so I messaged Wookie’s original groomer and she hasn’t gotten back to me yet either.

After contacting the groomers I decided to brush Wookie to ensure she doesn’t have any mats on the small chance I would be able to get her a grooming appointment today. That doesn’t look promising, but she did have a few mats around her legs that I was able to remove. Between that and her Petsmart adventure she was so pooped that she passed out on the couch shortly after we got home.

I too would like to go back to bed. This entire weekend has been a bust. The original plan was to go car shopping on Saturday and to Lilacia Park on Sunday, neither of which happened thanks to the cold rainy weather. I feel depressed for the first time since November and it sucks.

Oh, and we learned that Wookie does in fact still have baby teeth when we were poking around in her mouth the other day and Joe noted a tooth was loose. So I shouldn’t have been giving her the dental chews yet like I have been. I need to just brush her teeth daily until her adult teeth are all in. She left the tooth in my hand when playing with her this morning by the way. That’s the first one she hasn’t swallowed.

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Weekend Recap

February 20th, 2017 Comments off

Friday 2/17

While Wookie was at the groomer I stopped by Dollar Tree to find a container to keep her toys in. They had had their Easter stuff out which included containers of all shapes and sizes in my favorite color – purple! Needless to say I picked up more than a few, but here’s the one I got for her toys:

Wookies Toys

Then I went to Bath & Body Works to use my coupon for a free small lotion. I’m glad they had Warm Vanilla Sugar in stock because I’m not a fan of most of the scents.

Later that evening we stopped by Panda Express for dinner since we had coupons for free Fire Cracker Chicken breast and a drink.

Saturday 2/18

My Jetta had what should be its last oil change at the dealership because I plan on getting a new car soon. I know I keep saying that but now that Joe is working again it’s time.

The dealer moved to a new location on the same street just further away and it’s really nice. What’s not nice is the price of an oil change – $70!!! We paid a little less than that thanks to a coupon but seriously? Joe will be changing the oil himself on my next car. It just wasn’t very cost-saving on the Jetta because the oil filter price is ridiculous.

That’s just one of the reasons Volkswagen wasn’t in the running when I was thinking about which car I might want. The other reason is they are way behind in technology. I’m more than likely going to be getting a Subaru which has a huge LCD screen and syncs with my phone. Plus it comes standard with a backup camera and I can add on heated seats which is a must have for me. Once it gets warmer out I’ll be doing a second test drive of the Impreza as well as the Crosstrek. I might even check out the Ford Focus five door once more although for the price, safety, and resale value, I’m definitely leaning toward Subaru.

As noted in my other entry we spent the afternoon at Petsmart with Wookie and then came home and opened up all the windows because it was uncharacteristically warm outside. It’s been in the 60’s now for a few days which is just wild in February. Wookie was acting a bit odd later in the evening and I don’t know if it’s because she smelled something outside like a coyote, but she was shivering (it wasn’t cold inside) and walking around with her tail between her legs. It could be that she’s teething too, so we’ve just been keeping a close watch over her.

We were supposed to go to my parents’ for Brother B’s birthday party, but Brother J is sick so that was cancelled.

Sunday 2/19

Savers was having a pre-Presidents Day sale so everything was 50% off. Of course despite taking 7 tops into the dressing room none of them fit well but Joe found three t-shirts he didn’t need. LOL We did get a game called Logo Board Game for only $4. Technically it should have been $2 but for some reason it didn’t ring up as 50% off. I emailed Savers this morning to ask why.

Logo Board Game

Still not a bad price for a game that sells for nearly $30 on Amazon and was in great condition. We plan on taking it to my parents’ house the next time we visit.

After lunch we decided to take Wookie on a walk at Northside Park in Wheaton. She really sucks on a leash right now so that is the next major thing I need to tackle. She just pulls and weaves back and forth and you practically trip over her. But we wanted to give her the exposure to all the people and dogs that we knew would be there due to the nice weather. It was very crowded and we spent about an hour there.

Wookie at the Park

That afternoon Joe also installed a child lock on cabinet under sink so now I don’t need to move the garbage can in front of it when I let Wookie run around the kitchen. I can rest easy knowing she can’t get into any cleaning products. I’m going to have him put the lock on the cabinet where we store the saran wrap and baggies too.

Monday 2/20

Right now I have stuffed cabbage cooking in the crockpot. I really hate the prep because even with Joe coring the cabbage last night it was still a bitch to tear off the leaves without ripping them which makes rolling up the meat mixture inside a bit difficult. I might make this cabbage casserole I found online next time instead. It’s basically the same thing without worrying about the size of the cabbage pieces.

Speaking of a the crockpot, I had a total fail a couple of weeks ago. I tried making the stoup in it vs on the stove and I will never do that again because the taste was completely different and not good at all. Lesson learned.

This day has flown by because I slept in until 7 am, had to deal with the cabbage, which included a trip to Walmart to buy lemon juice since ours was expired (but I was smart – I froze the new stuff using the ice cube tray my brother got me for my birthday), clean the house, and run to my doctor’s office to pick up my blood work order they had forgotten to give me before.

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