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2016: A Year In Review

December 31st, 2016

I have mixed feelings about 2016 because while Joe losing his job at the end of February cost us valuable retirement savings time, and we couldn’t enjoy his time off to its fullest since we didn’t want to dip into our savings account too often, it was nice having four day weekends together. I’m hoping 2017 will be a little more fun for us overall since we won’t have financial worries hanging over our heads.


I turned the dreaded 40
Our first meetup


Chocolate Expo
Chicago Auto Show
Post Secret event in Milwaukee
Joe lost his job


We spent the month just adjusting to Joe being home all the time and he took over the cooking and cleaning.


Private roller skating party
Marshmallow passed away
Went to a Cubs game


Brookfield Zoo


Got rid of our DVR and cut our cable package to the bare minimum
Went to The Cure concert (which was the highlight of the year for yours truly)
Had a garage sale which was mostly a complete waste of time


Joe and his daughter reconciled


Indiana Beach
Milwaukee Zoo
Fixed the refrigerator water dispenser


Nothing terribly exciting.


I had a health scare
Steve passed away


Gizmo passed away (Nov 11th) but I didn’t write about it because it was very painful.

We visited Joe’s family in Arizona
Day 1 – Flight & Food
Day 2 – Chicken & Waffles
Day 3 – Botanic garden
Day 4 – Met my great niece for the first time
Day 5 – Wildlife World Zoo
Day 6 – BINGO
Day 7 – Lights of the World Festival
Day 8 & 9 – We adopted a dog and went home


Joe got a job
Visited my uncle
Doug passed away
Finally named our puppy

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